12 Ways to….5 ways to…101 ways to…


12 Ways to….5 ways to…101 ways to…

Everywhere you turn these days there is a list of things to make you life, business, health, or even parking better. On twitter today I got the following:

  • 9 ways to keep prospects interested
  • 5 important metrics every blogger should…
  • 5 strategies for staying relevant
  • 16 best new tools
  • 7 steps to get your…
  • 14 amazing blogs

And of course at the bottom of every web page:

  • 15 most beautiful women
  • 5 exercises you should avoid
  • 10 ways to lose those wrinkles
  • 15 stars you didn’t know were gay (number 5 will shock you)

I have looked at a lot of these and have never been shocked by number 5. I really think that there are not 9 ways but really 10, and those 16 new tools, well some are not relevant.

You know what would really catch my eye?

  • One way to lose weight
  • One exercise that will make you happy
  • One way to keep prospects interested
  • The one most beautiful woman
  • One way to lose.

I think that we can get overwhelmed by lists and numbers. If I could get just one good idea a day, or one bit of information that really helped, or one way to keep a prospect that worked, then I would be happy.  Lists are for making, not for doing. They are for shopping, for cooking, not for changing.

At the top of my twitter feed right now is “30 great Marketing ideas for small business owners to increase sales.”  The chances of more than one of them being put into effect are, I think, nil.  Would Larry Kim have done better to have selected the 1 best idea, and expanded on it.  And maybe the next best tomorrow. I know I would have more interest.

I just retweeted Larry’s tweet.  Go to@jvhpt and scroll down a bit. I think you will see what I mean.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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