A New Twist on Valet Parking


A New Twist on Valet Parking

We are all used to driving to a valet, but what if he came to us? That’s the premise of an enterprise called Luxe. In New York City, where Luxe has just begun offering service, car owners drive to their destination and call a valet to meet them there. The customers go on with their plans; the valets park their vehicles for the duration and return them when called.

I’ve been to New York, and I stuck with the subway. I can’t imagine owning a car there because the idea of driving a car there is intimidating, if not terrifying.

According to crainsnewyork.com, the traveling valet service has been born out of necessity. Parking is increasingly scarce in Manhattan, and car owners want options – besides giving up their vehicles.

Luxe, which recently launched its service in parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn, joins two other valet startups on a mission to make life with a car in overcrowded New York a manageable affair. They also offer a solution to the biggest challenge facing many local car owners: finding an affordable place to keep the vehicle off the street.

All three companies feature a long-term parking option at a significant discount to what New Yorkers typically pay, with valets delivering the cars and taking them back at no additional cost. They pull off this feat by renting habitually underused spaces, often in out-of-the-way places, from garages around the city.

Luxe leadership says car owners want to drive more, but can’t because of parking limitations. Now they can drive all they want, but don’t have to park. Luxe valets ride skateboards and scooters to clients’ locations and keep their wheels with them while they park. The company charges $7 per hour and up to $30 for the day – including valet service and the parking spot.

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  1. regarding the valet parking, i went the other day to grab a bgruer in jal el dib, i saw a free space on the side of the road allocated for parking but the valet parking of the bgruer shop had put a plastic barrier to reserve the space, i just went out of car removed the barrier to park and then the valet came in saying “this is a space reserved to us” i asked him how come u control public parkings now? he just nodded with no answer, we almost had a fight but i finally parked .. can’t believe it we have to fight for such a basic right .. and on top of that most of u do not know anymore how to park their cars 200-300 meters far from ur destination and use your feet to reach it!

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