Ahhhh The Super Bowl


Ahhhh The Super Bowl

I now its heresy, but I”m not really enthralled with the Super Bowl, or frankly professional football.  I have no real skin in the game…I’m not in a pool, don’t have a favorite team, and find the entire concept distracting.

All that having been said, now that I know there is a Valet Parking Company owner playing for the Seattle Seahawks, maybe I should take a closer look. I understand that the Seahawks are playing the Boston Patriots and that the Patriots have survived “Deflategate”.  (As an aside, its seems that if you inflate a football in the locker room to 12.5PSI and then check its pressure halftime on the field where the temperature is say 40 degrees, the reading at that time will be 11.5PSI.  Physics you are a heartless bitch.)

It also seems the game will be played in Phoenix, just down the street from the home of our advertising director, Marcy Sparrow. I understand there is a big party at her house but you will have to contact her to get an invite.

AND Pete Carrol, coach of the Seahawks, is former coach at USC.  Although we UCLA types don’t really see that as an advantage. Oh and some guy named Tom Brady seems to be quarterback of the Patriots.

Now you have it, 100% of JVH’s knowledge about the Super Bowl. Well there is one more thing.

TV commercials for the broadcast are going for $4.5 million for 30 seconds. That’s up $500,000 from last year.  And they are sold out.

I have a friend who reads a book during the game, and only looks up when the commercials come on. Hmmmm  not such a bad idea.  I love Clydesdales as much as the next guy.

My prediction — the Seahawks by one touchdown.  Those valet guys are tough.



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  1. In the event that anybody shows up at my house for the Super Bowl party – I will be the down the street. However, I would love to bring you to our annual neighborhood party. Hope to see any of you who are in town. Once the Steelers lost in round one, I am now in it for the commercials, the football pool and visiting with my friends.
    Have fun,

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