A Year of Parking Products and Services


A Year of Parking Products and Services

The parking industry has seen new products, services, and companies over the past year. Major consolidations have been numerous with Zeag, Datapark,
and Magnetic now under the FAAC banner,
3M buying Federal APD, and the merger of Standard Parking and Central.
Technology has been pushed to the limit with cloud computing, in street sensors, communications with individual cell phones for payment and location of parking space leading the way.
Sustainability was a major thrust, with lighting using advanced technology both increasing the ‘green’ result in parking facilities and greatly lowering the cost of energy.
Parking Today asked its customers to supply some information about their products and services that would represent advances made this past year.
With its superior exterior lighting technology and InteLiteT wireless occupancy controls, Orion Energy Systems has taken parking garage and parking lot lighting to a whole new level of cost savings. With the addition of wireless controls to its interior parking fixtures, Orion is maximizing energy savings for national customers and municipalities such as the four Baltimore County Revenue Authority parking structures in Maryland. Keep your fixtures on at a safe, low level of light and have an entire section adjust to full output only when motion is detected using Orion’s patent-pending “Blaster” wireless technology.
Even on their own, Orion high-performance exterior fluorescent fixtures are among the most efficient and cost effective for surface lots. Patented thermal (heat dissipation) and optical (directional control of light output) properties have long been Orion’s signature advantage. More than $1.6 billion has been saved by over 8,200 customers using Orion technology. MADE IN THE USA.
Parking facilities function as stand-alone retail businesses or as the important “first impression points of entry” for other revenue centers and businesses. They lure customers by proximity, efficiency and the environment they exude. More and more at iSIGNS, we are witnessing the trend by parking lots and parking garages to use signage, banners, and graphic elements to create customer appeal that moves them beyond yesterday’s somber, grey, unadorned concrete and asphalt. Our new Perma-Banner System makes it easy to create long-life, eye-catching, attention-grabbing, curb-appealing vertical banners used to adorn street poles and light or lamp posts along streets, entryways and throughout parking lots. They offer parking facilities a hot new wave of branding and marketing appeal that will provide increased visual impact, last for years, and be effortless to install and maintain.
The new Perma-Banner System ranked in the top five Best New Products at the recent International Sign Association Sign Expo 2012. Perma-Banner is not just another banner system; it is a truly unique, new technology for creating and hanging the most creative, long-life street pole banners available today and now with Quick-n-Easy Changeable Panels! These banners outperform and outlast fabric banners, can be of any shape and feature an exclusive “No Fly Away” vertical mounting bracket that eliminates lost banners, electrical hazards and utility damages making them the worry-free banner of choice.
Integrapark offers a suite of management and accounting tools for the parking industry. PARIS is the industry’s leading billing and receivables application for monthly parking. PARIS can automatically update most major access control systems, which eliminates duplicate key entry and ensures that all active credentials are being billed. PARIS handles recurring payments by credit card and ACH, as well as prorations, complex lease billings, and rate changes.
Geneva is an enterprise-wide revenue reporting and analysis tool. It matches garage revenues to bank deposits, automates preparation of management reports, calculates budgets, and posts results to your General Ledger.
Rome is a cloud-based application, providing you with real-time garage activity and revenues via any web browser. Rome can also send revenue data to Geneva, which results in a seamless, automated, end-to-end feed of information from your locations to your financial statements.
For 102 years, The Toledo Ticket Company has produced custom and stock tickets including bar-coded and magnetic-striped, hand-issued, multi-part valet, pay & display, access and debit cards, pay-by-space, and spitters for thermal/nonthermal revenue control. Our RFID tags are great for college and university parking and credentials for security and meeting Green mandates.
Choose custom or stock scratch-offs, paper and plastic/vinyl hangtags, decals or window/bumper stickers.
PermitPoint-our permit management and fulfillment system, lets permit holders purchase parking permits online. Certified by most parking equipment manufacturers we provide tickets in all 50 states and over 30 countries, 52 weeks a year! Print nine colors at once. Improve profitability! Check out our digital printing capabilities for all of your printing needs-large or small quantities.
With our complete warehousing and fulfillment on both the east and west coasts we can inventory and ship your materials as needed. Contact us at info@ToledoTicket.com or 1-800-533-6620.
With a low-profile design, adjustable rotating optical light panels and easy ‘installation features Cooper Lighting’s Lumark Quadcast™ LED Parking Garage/Canopy Luminaire is an ideal one-for-one replacement for traditional H.I.D., fluorescent and induction light sources, while offering up to 80 percent in energy and maintenance savings compared to traditional H.I.D. products.
The Lumark Quadcast luminaire offers seamless integration into existing or new spaces. The field-adjustable, lockable, optical light panels allow precise aiming and control to meet horizontal and vertical footcandle illumination requirements. Featuring Cooper’s patented AccuLED Optics™ system, the four 4000K CCT LED optical panels rotate 150 degrees and adjust in 15-degree increments. This adjustability vastly improves the cave effect caused by dark ceilings and walls, while improving depth perception and pedestrian and vehicle safety. The LED luminaire consumes only 56 watts while delivering a powerful output of 4,365 lumens and maintains greater than 90 percent initial output after 60,000 hours. Designed for easy installation, a universal quick-mount plate adapts to industry-standard junction boxes and features built-in, tool-less click and lock tabs, ensuring a secure installation.
O&S Associates was founded in 1996 on the basis of multidisciplinary parking design, restoration, and planning services. Our team members maintain a vast array of expertise and experience offering a diverse list of skill sets to our clients. As a result, O&S Associates has become synonymous with functional, innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions that provide great value for our clients while providing reduced impact on the environment.
With offices nationwide, O&S Associates employs personnel that offer a complete selection of parking industry services. No matter the requirements of your project or the disciplines necessary for its success, the O&S Associates team works closely with each client to promote an open interactive project management environment from conception to completion. We are proud to promote the fact that over 90% of our work is generated from satisfied, repeat, and referral clients.


Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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