Adura Technologies Adds Kaiser Center Garage to Project List


Adura Technologies Adds Kaiser Center Garage to Project List

Adura Technologies, a leading provider of wireless lighting controls and energy management systems, has announced growth in two key areas.
The company has added the 500,000-square-foot Kaiser Center parking garage in Oakland, CA, to the list of facilities with its wireless lighting control system. Also, the company has completed an $8.5 million Series B round of funding.
“Adura’s system is now part of another one of the Bay Area’s marquee buildings,” CEO Mark Golan said. “Our continued success with customers has been instrumental to our continued funding success.”
The new funding round came from investors including NGEN Partners, VantagePoint Capital Partners and Claremont Creek Ventures. Adura said the funding reflects confidence in its growth, perhaps best represented by a 273% jump in revenue in 2011 over 2010.
“The smart-building-controls market represents a huge investment opportunity,” said Claremont Creek’s Nat Goldhaber. “Adura’s wireless control technology offers compelling solutions for the challenges that control systems must meet to encourage widespread adoption. We’re proud this has proved the case with our Oakland neighbor, the landmark Kaiser Center.”
One of the city’s signature buildings, Kaiser Center is a 28-story office tower served by an adjacent 5-story, 1,339-space parking garage. The building’s owner/manager, The Swig Co., had long been looking for a way to cut down on energy waste in the garage without compromising illumination or patron experience.
Kaiser Center General Manager Andrea Kirkpatrick believes that The Swig Co. has demonstrated “a real commitment to environmental stewardship while simultaneously controlling the building’s energy costs.”
“Last year, we reduced the building’s overall carbon footprint, earning LEED Gold status in the process,” Kirkpatrick said. “Now, with the help of the Oakland Shines energy program [for city businesses] and Adura’s system, we have taken a further step toward establishing Kaiser Center as one of the most energy efficient commercial office buildings in Northern California.”
(Source: Adura Technologies)
Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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