Airports – Seminar Within a Seminar


Airports – Seminar Within a Seminar

The Parking Industry Exhibition is sponsoring a daylong seminar on airport parking on Aug. 23. Designed for airports of all sizes, the seminar will cover dealing with vendors, both commercial operators and technology suppliers of revenue control systems. Other presentations will cover the level of service/marketing and dealing with off-airport parking and finances – rates elasticity and the financial feasibility of new projects.
Topics to be covered are:
The RFP Process – It’s time to seek out a new operator for your parking operation.
Technology – Get information from those who have been there – this panel will help you through the process.
Level of Service – Passenger counts are up, but your parking numbers are down. What’s going on here? There are signs all over the place hawking “off-airport parking.” What’s with these competitors? Get the answers.
Finances: Rates and Feasibility – Can you charge more for parking? If so, how much? How do the prices you charge fit in with your short- and long-term fiscal goals? Here’s the financial end.
Plus, airport parking seminar attendees receive full access to the PIE show and to other seminars on subsequent days and reduced rates. Get more information at

Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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