Automated Valet unveils new geolocation-based queuing system


Automated Valet unveils new geolocation-based queuing system

Q’d Up is a geolocation-based task management queuing system for bell desk and valet operations. The system, from the creator of Automated Valet, tracks everything and follows the steps of each employee. It uses all this information to create a queue of tasks and assign them to
team members.
Q’d Up works with Automated Valet’s AVPM system and all of
its features.
As guests arrive and depart, or send services request through text, email or phone call, the various services they require are entered into the Q’d Up system. Each valet or bell desk staffer carries an iPhone/iPod Touch, and the information about tasks required is sent to those devices.
Because Q’d Up has data on the location of each employee, tasks are sent to the one in the best position to complete the task. However, if the employee cannot carry out the service, he or she can reroute the request and it will be reassigned.
Automated Valet CEO and Founder Ken Gulec said Q’d Up is the ultimate in automation, and will reduce delivery times and increase employee performance remarkably.
“This is time- and money- saving technology, but it also has a real personal impact,” he said. “It connects your team and eliminates a lot of the frustrations and difficulties that arise in complex service situations.”
(Sources: Q’d Up Systems, Automated Valet)


Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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