BMW Sets Launch of ParkNow Mobile Parking Service


BMW Sets Launch of ParkNow Mobile Parking Service

BMW Group Management Board Member Ian Robertson, at a press conference Aug. 20 with San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, announced the upcoming launch of ParkNow, an innovative mobile parking solution that’s a joint venture with Urban Mobility; and provided new details about DriveNow, a unique premium car-sharing service that features a fleet of BMW ActiveE all-electric vehicles. San Francisco serves as the initial US market for each service.
San Francisco is at the forefront of cities working to develop and implement innovative approaches to urban challenges, including traffic congestion and the need for smarter, greener parking systems.
There are an estimated 505,000 vehicles in the city, yet only 448,000 parking spaces are available at any given time. On weekdays, the total vehicle population increases by about 35,000. An estimated one-third of all downtown traffic on weekdays is due to vehicles searching for a parking spot.
“The BMW Group is more than a premium car company,” Robertson said. “It is also focused on developing and delivering new services to help meet the increasing need for flexible mobility solutions in our cities.
“The premium car-sharing service DriveNow and parking solution ParkNow will help meet that demand in San Francisco and, ultimately, in other cities.
“Our introduction of these services in San Francisco represents BMW’s commitment to encouraging the development of new mobility options that will reduce emissions and congestion and improve the quality of life for San Franciscans.”
(Source: BMW Group)
Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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