Build Your Brand as a Parking Leader


Build Your Brand as a Parking Leader

 When you think of companies such as Apple, Nike and Coca-Cola, you immediately associate specific attributes with them (cool, cutting-edge, performance). 
When people hear your name, what qualities do you want them to associate with you? Are you thinking of words like leader, knowledgeable, professional and trustworthy? How do you demonstrate these traits? 
You make a conscious decision to brand yourself as all of these things. One of the most visible ways to do this is to get your professional certification. 
This year at the Parking Industry Exhibition (PIE), Feb. 28-March 2 in Las Vegas, the National Parking Association (NPA) will help you do just that with a three-course workshop, “Knowledge, Skills & Earning Your Credential.” 
The workshop is a slate of educational sessions designed to help managers understand the changing world of parking. Created from the elements covered in the NPA’s Certified Parking Professional (CPP) certification manual, it focuses on helping managers understand and lead change in the industry. 
Learn how to begin the journey toward your CPP and how to better brand yourself as a parking professional and leader. 
Build Your Brand: How to Be Your Personal Best as a Parking Leader
Today’s parking manager is called on to fulfill many roles. Find out how you can leverage your skills, expand your knowledge and earn credentials to demonstrate your value as a parking pro. 
In this session, you will:
Learn what managers need to know about the business of parking.
Identify key roles, responsibilities and knowledge areas that build your skills.
Learn how a professional certification can further your career.
Describe the benefits of lifelong learning and the Certified Parking Professional designation.
Fundamentals of Parking Management: A CPP Prep Course
The role of today’s parking manager is evolving. In order to set yourself apart, a manager/parking leader needs to demonstrate an understanding of technology and pricing strategies, as well as be strategic and analytical. Learn why fundamentals such as customer service, maintenance and emergency preparedness are important to the delivery of parking programs and services. 
In this session, you will:
Learn about customer service levels for different types of facilities.
Learn about parking management procedures and key knowledge areas.
Discuss the various stages of maintenance.
Find out how to apply and begin the process to earn your Certified Parking Professional designation
The NPA Certification Advisory Board established the CPP program as a practical, comprehensive and real-world-based curriculum designed to assist managers in performing their duties in an effective and professional manner. As a CPP, you join a list of parking leaders who are committed to fostering the highest standards of ethical and professional practice in the delivery of parking programs and services.
Safety & Security: Every Parking Professional’s Responsibility:                    
This deep-dive session focuses on two key areas for parking and transportation leaders: safety and security. Learn how you can play a key role in effective safety and security for your employees and parkers. Gain knowledge you can use right now and prepare you to earn the CPP designation. 
In this session, you will: 
Learn about the major components of safety and security in parking.
Learn about key practices for managing safe operations. 
Discuss safety considerations for off-street, on-street and event parking.
Discuss how partnerships between the parking manager, security and law enforcement work effectively.
The CPP certificate sets the standard in training and education for the parking industry by highlighting leadership and management skills to help you advance and strengthen your career. Experience this unparalleled education opportunity at PIE 2016. You’ll leave Las Vegas ready to take that next big step in your career — becoming a CPP. 
Are you ready to stand out from the crowd, get the recognition you deserve and showcase your leadership and parking expertise? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then be sure to attend the CPP Workshop at PIE 2016. 
“Get on the road to success.” Sign up now! 
Christina Garneski, CAE, is Vice President of Marketing, Communications and Events at the National Parking Association. Contact her at
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