Chance Management Advisors, Inc. Celebrates its 30th Anniversary


Chance Management Advisors, Inc. Celebrates its 30th Anniversary

In April, Chance Management Advisors (CMA) celebrated 30 years of providing consulting services in the broadly defined industry of parking and transportation. Staff members have traveled the U.S. and several foreign countries serving clients during this period.
The celebratory activities included a congratulatory letter from Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett marking the firm’s three decades of improving access for a wide variety of public and private clients. Research indicates that two-thirds of small businesses don’t survive 10 years, so CMA could be seen as “quite an exception to that rule.”
Staff members conspired with CEO Barbara Chance’s nearest-and-dearest to hold a surprise reception for her. Friends, colleagues, current and former staff, and clients met at the Pyramid Club high above Philadelphia for an evening of fun, food, conversation and beautiful city views.
It may be the Kansas farm upbringing that taught Chance persistence and self-sufficiency at an early age. Perhaps the real reason for CMA’s endurance, however, was engraved on the plaque presented to her by staff on 30 years of consulting.
The words “Leader – Mentor – Friend” seem to “capture the essence of Chance’s contribution to the parking world,” just as much as her s to the staff who have helped the firm endure in the highly competitive world of parking consulting.
On its website home page, CMA said:
“We wish to thank our clients for the confidence they have shown in CMA by giving us the opportunities to help them solve their problems and plan for the future.  We also thank our colleagues for their collaboration on ideas and projects. …
“The future of parking, transportation, access management, and the management of these functions looks inviting, complex and challenging.  We look forward to continuing our role by bringing to our clients and their projects the experience, expertise and point of view forged by 30 years in the business.”
[Source: Chance Management Advisors]


Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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