Creating a better parking experience starts with people.


Creating a better parking experience starts with people.

The world has experienced extraordinary change since PayByPhone was founded nearly 20 years ago. In today’s world, we carry our lives in the palms of our hands. We tend to take it for granted, but we use our smartphones and other connected devices hundreds of times each day (for some of us, it’s thousands) handling life tasks, large and small. We use our phones to schedule our days, shop, read the news, surf the web, and take photographs. And, of course, we use them to communicate by phone and text. 

Cell phones have made their mark on parking too. There are a host of tools for managing parking assets, reserving parking spaces, and managing parking permits. But these mobile applications pale in importance to mobile payment. Each year, hundreds of millions of drivers use their phones to pay for parking, and those drivers turn to PayByPhone more than any other mobile payment provider.

As a technology company, you might assume our technology is our first priority. But after nearly 20 years in the industry, we know that you can’t do the technology part without focusing on people. Whether it’s an operator, user, or internal stakeholder, everyone matters. And PayByPhone would not be around without them.

PayByPhone was one of the first mobile parking payment companies to create a customer-centric team inside its organization. Bringing together product development, marketing, and customer service under one team allows PayByPhone to excel at building a progressive, unified service.

We work directly with clients on a regular basis to build long-term, meaningful partnerships that drive success. This means not only understanding each client’s unique environment, but also using our industry experience to replicate the strategies and tactics employed by high growth clients globally. A major part of this strategy involves our Adoption Success Model, a unique program that’s tailored to each partner’s distinct needs and designed to strengthen the adoption of PayByPhone in their region. This entails analyzing drivers in a region, identifying key marketing channels to reach them, and collaborating with local stakeholders to meet our client’s goals. As a result, many client relationships have lasted years or more (and continue to go strong) and with widespread adoption—as high as 95%–in large cities like Miami, Florida.

PayByPhone is also focused on providing a stellar customer experience to all of our drivers, and that begins with our customer service. Much like how we treat our clients, we approach every interaction we have with the goal of delighting our customers at every step of the way. In fact, one of our most important—and exciting—initiatives has been offering the PayByPhone app in multiple languages. In the United States alone, over 350 languages are spoken. With our commitment to providing the most pleasant and convenient mobile experience possible, being able to provide our services in the native languages of our customers is extremely critical. Currently the PayByPhone app is available in English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Dutch, Punjabi, Italian, French, and Welsh, with more languages on the horizon. 

Our success is also reflected in the list of parking leaders with which we partner. Our partnerships extend throughout parking’s enforcement segment, with companies like AIMS, Brazos Technology, Cardinal, Conduent, Duncan/Civic Smart, IPS Handheld, NuPark, Siemens, Schweers Technology, T2, Ventek, Xerox, and many more. We also partner with the best-known connected meter and pay station companies, including Global Parking Solutions, CALE, IPS, MacKay, and Parkeon.

Ultimately, Payphone’s success is built on our corporate culture. During times like these, when it matters most, our full global team has been working from home and living out our values: making things happen, seeing through our customers eyes, working together, staying curious and trying to have a little fun virtually. But whether we are working from home, in the office, or on-site with our customers, no matter where you are going or coming from, PayByPhone has you covered.

Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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