CurbStand Rolls Out New Features Across its “Growing Valet Network’


CurbStand Rolls Out New Features Across its “Growing Valet Network’

CurbStand, the app designed to allow users to seamlessly locate, pay and even tip for valet parking from their mobile devices, has released a consumer app with new on-demand features, such as allowing drivers to “request a car,” among other enhancements.
In tandem, the company late last year launched a companion app exclusively for valet operators to communicate directly with their customers and deliver “the ultimate valet experience” across CurbStand’s “growing parking network.”
 “CurbStand is first-to-market in transforming the valet experience by enabling in-app two-way communication between the driver and the valet attendant,” said CEO Serge Gojkovich. “We’re allowing consumers to get to the leisure activities they enjoy –dining, shopping and entertainment – quicker.
“As for valet operators, we’re giving their businesses an added tech boost and getting them closer to the consumer,” he said in a press release. “Combined with the bolstering of our network, CurbStand is well-positioned to redefine valet parking.”
Here’s how it works. In three simple steps, valet parkers can now:
• Check-In: Use its geo locator map to select the nearest valet, view rate and check-in.
• Request Car: Use the in-app feature to instantly notify the valet attendant, who will reply with the estimated time of car pick-up.
• Pay … and Go: Provide business validation for the selected parking location and confirm the mobile payment amount, including a customized option to tip in increments of a dollar.
The company is ushering in “a new era for valet parking, combining mobile-first innovation, real-time communication of valet parking availability and cashless payment,” Gojkovich said. “The introduction of new features and two-way interactivity showcases how it’s pioneering real-time communication between drivers and valet operators across its parking network.”
CurbStand is designed to enable valet operators to establish a long-term relationship with its users, the press release said.
The new app allows valet attendants to create user profiles with the vehicle’s description, including the make, model and color. As users check-in from one location to another within the CurbStand network, attendants will have immediate access to the profile to quickly retrieve the user’s vehicle.
Furthermore, the company has invested in pre-loaded Samsung tablets, powered by AT&T data service, and armed valet attendants with these devices.
For the first time, the press release said, these personnel can communicate directly with their customers via the app to streamline the experience by speeding the parking and retrieval of cars. Notified when the user requests their car, the attendant can instantly reply with the in-app messaging feature to notify, in turn, the user when the car is ready.
Currently available in Los Angeles and Miami, the company said it is expanding both its consumer and valet operator apps’ reach to other major U.S. cities. Available in the iTunes store, “the apps have helped many LA drivers enhance their valet experience,” it said.
CurbStand was founded by Owen De Vries, Moncef Abbou and Nicole Duncan in October 2013, according to the press release. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, the LA-based, investor-backed startup is “delivering a cashless, concierge-style valet experience for customers to find, pay and tip for parking, and for businesses and their valet companies to better manage their parking.”
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Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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