Cut Costs, Retire Paper Tickets with SMS-Enabled Valet System


Cut Costs, Retire Paper Tickets with SMS-Enabled Valet System

Cellphones are a crucial part of everyday life, and everyone from middle schoolers to senior citizens owns one. Valet companies that take advantage of such technology can cut costs and increase service without their having to maintain the technology.
It’s easy—use customer cellphones to check in and call for cars. The SMS Valet app by TEZ enables that. The ticketless short message service system allows valet customers to drop off and pick up cars via text message.
Customers just give the attendant a cellphone number, and the attendant sends them a text message. When customers are ready to pick up their cars, they reply to the text message, reducing wait time at the valet stand and eliminating the need to keep up with a flimsy paper ticket.
Going paperless is designed to reduce print costs and increase communication.
Greg Gardner, an Executive VP at Jack Boles Parking, Dallas, was an early adopter. He said customers who used the system reported that texting the valet for car pick-up was extremely convenient. “Also, their cars were at a comfortable temperature when they were ready to leave, which raised customer satisfaction levels.
 “[And] we saw immediate rises in revenue,” Gardner said.
The ticketless system, which retires the paper process, can give valet companies unprecedented customer data that can be used to improve service immediately.
Once a customer retrieves the car, the valet can send a simple survey requesting feedback about the experience. These real-time data give an accurate view of service in the field during all hours of operation; they can be used to identify trends or problems.
The SMS Valet system also can send advertisement texts to customers, helping drive sales to local businesses, or promote additional valet services, such as carwashes or oil changes.
Using the system can also reduce fraud. Unlike a paper ticket system that can enable fraud where tickets are re-used to check-in multiple cars, the SMS Valet app tracks every single car parked.
Best of all, the real-time reporting gives managers and owners a fast, easy way to monitor each location’s daily operations. Operators can go on the Internet to see how many cars are checked in, how many cars were processed in a day, customer survey results and employee reports.
With such an app, valet companies can compare locations, increase or decrease the staff on hand to serve customers appropriately, potentially increase sales of other services, while improving service levels nearly overnight.
With SMS Valet, companies can get a total solution that uses technology they don’t need to maintain; promotes other valet services to increase the bottom line; can reduce fraud; and provides customer data and reporting that can identify business trends.

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