Egad! Another magazine about parking? Are you crazy? Probably, but consider this …


Egad! Another magazine about parking? Are you crazy? Probably, but consider this …

We in the parking industry are being overrun by devices filled with silicon chips and electrons travelling at the speed of light. Manufacturers are turning out new software-based products virtually on a daily basis.
How do we keep up? Hopefully Parking Technology Today (PTT) will be of service. Every word, every story, every feature, every illustration in this soon-to-be launched magazine is about the technology of parking.
We at Bricepac Inc., parent company of Parking Today magazine and the Parking Industry Exhibition (PIE), have assembled a group of individuals from within and without the parking industry to provide information of which most in our field have little clue.
We tend to assume that having high-tech equipment on the floor of our garage or in the hands of our enforcement staff or in our data centers is important, so we go buy it. And we do so at our peril.
Most of us have no idea what goes on behind those flashing lights, and must put our trust in …whom? The salespeople demonstrating the equipment? The tech-driven folks from our IT department? The last organization that bought it?

The goal of Parking Technology Today is
to be a guide to parking technology and to give insights and answers to hard questions about the software and hardware on which we will be spending millions of dollars.

Developing a Focused Mailing List
On whose desks will PTT be delivered? We are investing time and treasure over the next few months to develop a mailing list of 20,000 that will reach not only the senior members of the parking profession, but also those in senior positions in their organizations. We already know many of them through our nearly two decades of experience with Parking Today. However, we will be using less than half of the subscribers to our flagship publication.
Many of our clients involved in the technology of parking asked us to dig deeper into organizations and find who is involved in purchasing high-tech equipment. We are researching the names and addresses of the CEOs and IT directors of companies whose parking managers now receive PT.
In addition, we will have the names of city managers, university administrators, landside managers, IT department heads and civic planners. These are the people deeply involved in the decision to buy and use parking technology. (We will not send PTT to “title only” addresses.)

PTT: a Semiannual Resource
for the Industry
The magazine will be a semiannual resource that we hope presents parking technology in a form that will be attractive enough to inspire and educate. Our biographies of tech leaders will bring a bit of confidence when we consider their products. Our definitions will be more than two lines but will lead to an understanding of the terms.
We hope, in addition, that PTT will bring a bit of respect to our industry. The cliché is on our lips: ‘There’s more to it than just parking cars.”
When the CEO of an organization, or the head of administration at a university, or a city manager or a landside executive picks up Parking Technology Today, our goal is that they are surprised and then impressed. Not by the slick stock and jazzy pictures, but by the fact that “there is more to parking than just parking cars.

Parking Technology Today’s Marketing Director is Carol Robins. She can be reached at

Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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