FAAC GROUP presents: HUB Parking Technology


FAAC GROUP presents: HUB Parking Technology

FAAC Group has announced the new name and logo for its Parking Business Unit which was originally created in October 2012. The new “signature” will be used to distinguish all parking activities within the FAAC Group and will now be known as: HUB Parking Technology
The choice of the new name reflects the historical heritage of the three “souls” which contributed to the creation of the Parking Business Unit: ZEAG, Datapark and FAAC. This heritage is all about Parking Technology. At the same time HUB is the center of a wheel in which ZEAG, Datapark and FAAC can be regarded as its spokes.
From now onwards HUB will be the “identity card” of the Parking Team within the FAAC Group. HUB will continue to develop the three product brands ZEAG, Datapark and FAAC in the parking industry. In addition, each of the three product brands was slightly restyled in order to match the new HUB image.
Announcing the new HUB Parking Technology name and logo, Andrea Marcellan, FAAC Group CEO said: “We are excited to start a new phase of our Parking Business Unit development, under the new brand HUB. HUB represents a continuation in the execution of FAAC Group strategic plan, focused since last years, to grow in Vehicular Access Control sectors, such as Parking Revenue Control Systems”.


Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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