FAAC of Italy Acquires CA-based DataPark


FAAC of Italy Acquires CA-based DataPark

Italy-based FAAC Group SpA, a leader and pioneer in the automated systems industry, has completed the acquisition of DataPark Inc. of San Leandro, CA, which is active in parking revenue control systems and relies on several commercial and manufacturing operations in the U.S., Eastern Europe, Australia and Central America.

According to FAAC, DataPark succeeds in the parking system arena by optimizing smart sales coverage of key business areas, with a very flexible R&D and manufacturing footprint, able to implement significant customer-driven product personalization in a cost-effective manner.

“DataPark has enjoyed great success providing unique solutions to so many parking companies with unique challenges,” said Steve Haramlambiew, its Founder and CEO. “The ability and the flexibility to create custom-designed programs are truly second to none in the industry. This acquisition is an excellent opportunity to showcase and further expand DataPark to many more markets. …

“We are excited to become part of a larger, internationally recognized industrial group, benefitting from extended development, industrial capabilities and synergies that can only be achieved from coordinating efforts, with FAAC providing the financial solidity and recognition required to further DataPark’s expansion efforts. Our growth trend will surely be accelerated by being part of the FAAC Group,” Haramlambiew said. Andrea Marcellan, FAAC Group CEO, said that “DataPark represents a continuation in the execution of (our) strategic plan, focused since last year to grow in non-traditional sectors, such as parking revenue control systems, because of diversification and complementary to (our) gate automation sector.”

(Source: FAAC Group SpA)

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