“Flow Thru Technologies’ A Game Changer in PARCS?


“Flow Thru Technologies’ A Game Changer in PARCS?

Clyde Wilson, President and CEO of consulting firm The Parking Network (TPN), has announced the rollout of what he calls “a totally new PARC system that revolutionizes how parking access will be controlled.” The new company, Flow Thru Technologies (FTT), is co-owned by Wilson and Lalith Caldera of Eyepax IT Consulting U.S.A.
Using 50 years of combined parking operations, equipment and consulting experience, the co-owners have developed “the next step” in a parking access and revenue control system (PARCS).
This technology-driven solution is the answer, they said, to “one of the biggest questions in the parking industry”: How to eliminate the need for a dispensed parking ticket for every visitor parker and credentials for
every contract?
A press release backgrounder on the new company said Wilson was the founder and creator of Focus Point, the first totally remotely managed parking operation, starting back in 2007. Focus solved a lot of inefficiencies in parking operations, Wilson said, but suffered from the difficulties of integration; software that was just not available with the current PARC systems; issues that were inherent with the current PARC systems; and operating methods.
Wilson said he had been trying to solve the problem with the ticket and with credentials for a long time, and could not believe how simple the solution turned out to be.
“I got really serious about solving this problem in 2009 and ’10, when I saw phone apps, QR codes and license plate recognition (LPR) being pushed as the replacement for the parking ticket,” Wilson said. “After about a year of really focusing on the problem, the solution became apparent.
“Then after a couple more years searching for the right partner and finding Lalith Caldera, Flow Thru Technologies has become a reality. … Without the knowledge of LPR that Lalith brings to the table, Flow Thru would have been much more difficult to get into operation.”
In developing Flow Thru, Wilson said in the press release, the goals were very clear: Find a replacement for all current PARC systems, giving us a replacement for the parking ticket and credential; and build a PARC system that could do our job in the parking industry with limited integration requirements.
The goals would be met, he said, only when the following requirements were satisfied.
Simplify the entry and exit process.
Improve efficiency.
Reduce friction.
Eliminate exceptions.
Improve customer service.
Improve accountability.
Build a platform that
– solves the new demands on PARCS such as reservations, real-time space availability, loyalty and registration programs, real-time performance management;
– solves the problem of real-time and accurate space counts that eliminates the inaccuracies of loops.
Combining Wilson’s patent-pending ticketless system with Caldera’s LPR software, they were able to create a PARC system that is designed to satisfy all of the requirements listed above.
The Flow Thru system, Wilson said, “allows any customer to enter the parking facility without the need to preregister, have a phone app or have a credit card on file, and to pay for their parking on their cellphone or at a POF station, return to their vehicle and drive out of the facility.”

To learn more about how Flow Thru is “the PARC system of the future available for you today,” as Clyde Wilson put it, contact him at
clyde@flowthrutech.com. Or call him at (866) 454-1950, Ext. 2 for Flow Thru, and then Ext. 3 for an online demonstration.

Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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