God of the Parking Spot


God of the Parking Spot

Gabby Douglas, winner of the woman’s all-around gymnastics at the 2012 London Summer Olympics, upon receiving her gold medal gave all the glory to God.
Immediately, at the very mention of God’s name, that seemed to threaten so many, she found herself challenged as to having to justify the real depth of her faith. I mean, what if she hadn’t won, or had taken a giant step out of bounds that cost her the Fort Knox?
Would she have given that glory to God as well?
I especially enjoyed this controversy because the outward expression of her faith caused the media to say that Gabby’s God is the “God of the Parking Spot.”
What exactly does that mean? Well, simply, it means that the God of the Parking Spot is actually just the God of Convenience or the God of Only Good Things.
The God of the Parking Spot is not the God of Creation, Salvation or Sacrifice.
No, the God of the Parking Spot is a little god whom you call upon when you need something quick and not so complicated like opening up a parking spot near the mall entrance when it’s raining.
Big God, not Parking Spot god, can also make parking spaces available. He can also lift Gabby Douglas up after she takes a terrible fall and inject acceptance and love into her compact little engine of a body.
He is there at 5 on mornings when she doesn’t want to get up for one of her many practices every day. He is there when her friends go out to get a milkshake at Steak ’n Shake and she is not with them. He is also there when Gabby just wants to be 16 years old.
Gabby Douglas is wise beyond her young years. She is a true champion who first and foremost recognized the true power behind
her victory.
As we sweated out the last of our Olympics fix and we found ourselves fixated on our businesses again, I marveled at what we could learn from such a young girl.
We don’t like meetings backed up to more meetings. We don’t like overnight travel or late shipments. We don’t like to deal with rising costs of supplies or, in our case, inferior copycat products that come from China with a “made in USA” sticker covering up the truth.
Until one truly understands the complexity and completeness of the God that our Founding Fathers knew intimately, one will question if the God of the Parking Spot has any real power at all. The truth is, in the litany of the mundane, the God of the Parking Spot becomes the God of All Occasions and All Seasons, and He is there to prepare us to have our car in the right row when our Parking Spot becomes available.
Gabby Douglas gives God the glory in the mundane, and when her parking spot opened up in London on the front row, she unashamedly took it. She was wise to give God the glory. Will you be ready to park your Company Car on the front row when your competitor moves theirs out of the way?

Jeff Pinyot, President of ECO Parking Lights, can be reached at jspinyot@ecoparkinglights.com.

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