Guardian Technologies USA Adds Several New Distributors/Dealers


Guardian Technologies USA Adds Several New Distributors/Dealers

Guardian Technologies USA, a California-based manufacturer of automated revenue collection equipment, has signed several distributors/dealers for its equipment line.
After unveiling its new line of high-tech parking permit dispensers at the June 2001 IPI conference in Las Vegas, Guardian began implementing what it feels will form the right “team” to distribute its product throughout the United States.
“We are focused on the U.S. market — it is who we are. We believe that we have the best product for the market, and we are determined to ensure that we have the best representation possible,” says Guardian President Glenn L. Mossman. “We have many years of experience in supplying and supporting every facet of revenue collection equipment, off-street and on-street.”
Guardian’s newly appointed distributors include Parker Harrington, who for over 20 years has sold revenue collection products throughout the United States. William Dewey is now covering the Pacific Northwest territory. “Bill” has provided single-space parking meter product for the past decade and sold some of the first-generation electronic revenue collection equipment installations in the territories he has covered. Lange Enterprises has teamed up with other local firms to cover the Midwest Territory. Triton Security Products in New York has long been servicing its customers on the East Coast.
In its home state of California, Guardian has setup distributors to cover the large infrastructure of machine installations on the West Coast. Included is APS Access Professional Systems Inc., a 20-plus-year-old company in San Diego; Pacific Parking Systems Inc. in Irvine; and William D. White Company, which has been serving parking industry needs in Northern California for the past 32 years.
“We believe that now is the time for a company with the experience in supplying this type of equipment to take charge and set a benchmark for supplying quality, field-tested and proven product along with experienced service in an industry that demands it. There is enough competition in the market that should yield only the best from a supplier of our type of equipment,” says Mossman.

Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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