In their own words Revenue Control – The Companies


In their own words Revenue Control – The Companies

For more than 25 years, our customers have relied heavily on Amano McGann’s industry-leading lane devices, software and local offices to help manage their business. With emerging technology such as “big data,” business intelligence and mobile devices, customers need a technology partner with all of the above, plus a cloud-based, enterprise-caliber parking management platform.
 The OPUSeries lane devices and OPUSuite cloud application allow customers to leverage the latest tools and technology. Our customers experience improved performance and yield using the same cloud platform that powers thousands of applications such as Office 365 and Bing.
 OPUSuite provides parking owners and operators the ability to cost effectively consolidate, access, view and manage their parking facilities from anywhere at any time. This allows for “command center” approach options incorporating back office applications with communication center capabilities, making remote management a reality.
 The parking industry is just as reliant on dependable, flexible lane devices on-premise. These lane devices must provide physical control of the operation and revenue while accurately and seamlessly collecting and transferring car park data. OPUSeries devices meet those needs and receive information and commands from “the cloud” for reservations, validations and more. 
 The company’s full line of robust, on-premise devices meets the needs of any application. All are integrated and engineered by Amano McGann to take full advantage of the OPUSuite cloud platform. Contact us to experience a global view of your operations and leverage these emerging technologies to improve business performance, yield and customer satisfaction.

The FAAC Group business unit HUB Parking Technology develops, manufactures, installs and provides after-sales services for parking revenue control systems branded Zeag, Datapark and FAAC.
HUB is the only PARCS manufacturer that brings together nearly 100 years of combined experience, strengths and best-practices (Datapark, Zeag and FAAC), offering customized and effective solutions and the flexibility to choose the product best-suited to your operation and budget.
With products developed around the world, bringing together knowledge from each market, HUB equipment is robust, reliable, designed for long-term performance and still customized to local needs.
HUB Parking provides a multitude of features, including centralized control room, license plate recognition and inventory, parking guidance, contract parking, credit card in/out, secured credit card payment EMV and PCI, business intelligence and transactional reporting service and mobile payment solutions, among others.
One of the latest HUB innovations is the Janus Management System (JMS) a cutting-edge, web-based management system that allows you to access your business anytime and anywhere, using any web-connected device.
JMS boasts an extremely intuitive tile-based user interface and allows for multi-site operations, with varying requirements, to install either brand of HUB equipment and still manage the entire operation in complete simplicity with just one tool.
JMS also offers a new and unique digital signage solution that enables you to deliver a sophisticated digital showcase for information, products, events, advertising and more through any screen display in your network (paystations, VMS displays, etc.), turning them into a revenue generating tool.

With Skidata, you can develop your parking facility into a consistent winner. Harness our innovative interplay between hardware, software and web-based services for your parking control and revenue management success.
Parking barrier gates, entry/exit devices for credential management, point-of-sale and automatic payment machines by Skidata provide reliable and future-safe technology.
Our access control and management software opens up additional sales channels, taps into new customer circles, and adds value to secure your customers’ loyalty. Customized services add value for your clients with minimal effort on your part.
Using Skidata tools for reporting and monitoring, you can keep an eye on every aspect of your parking assets anytime, anywhere. Respond quickly, act with foresight and implement decisions with confidence.
With nearly 10,000 Skidata systems installed in more than 70 countries, our clients include municipalities, airports, shopping centers, sports stadiums and convention centers.
Our products and services satisfy clients around the globe with solutions that are intuitive, easy-to-operate and highly secure. The holistic concepts offered by Skidata solutions are the key to our customers’ success.
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T2 Systems offers the only cloud-based PARCS solution on the market hosted in PCI Level 1 compliant private cloud. Our solution allows operations to manage all aspects of parking facilities, monitor activity, and access critical data in real-time from any Internet-connected device.
We deliver a full line of access and revenue control equipment; cloud facility management software; a suite of online solutions, including online validations; and the ability to provide real-time occupancy and availability information to patrons via apps and websites.
We also offer a complete business solution under utility model, including 4G LTE network installation, system maintenance and merchant processing of credit card transactions.
Our team of experts has nearly 100 years of combined PARCS experience and the knowledge to fully understand our customers’ needs. We use that knowledge to tailor and implement PARCS solutions from 1 to 80+ lanes.
T2 takes a proactive approach to PARCS. We work to fully understand our customers’ current business needs as well as future requirements, anticipated growth, facility infrastructure, and effective application of new technologies. And we design and manufacture durable PARCS equipment with our customers in mind.
The T2 PARCS solution is part of the company’s Flex Unified Parking Management platform, which means you’ll need only one system to manage all aspects of your operation. We are deeply committed to providing viable and enduring service and to being there for our customers as a trusted business partner.

The strengths of TIBA Parking Systems, a member of the Israel-based Afcon Holdings Group, are founded on innovations in hardware and software.
The hardware technology has been based on barcode technology for 28 years, which confers multiple benefits. Because barcode systems require less internal hardware to operate than magnetic stripe technology, there is an initial lower acquisition price for our systems. Subsequently, this translates into significantly lower maintenance costs over the lifecycle of the installation.
An additional operational cost reduction feature is that there is no requirement for the more expensive magnetic stripe tickets or the requirement for preprinted ticket stock.
At the time that TIBA entered the North American market eight years ago, it made the strategic decision to completely rewrite its management software. This resulted in a robust, open-architecture system based on modern software tools.
This has enabled the company to quickly and easily address interface requirements, whether they be hardware (e.g., LPR or AVI), software (e.g., general ledger), hotel and university systems and emerging technologies (e.g., online reservations systems, mobile payments systems, chip & pin and NFC).
Being able to quickly interface to all of these technologies results in a lower cost and quicker time to implementation for customers.
Going forward, TIBA is uniquely positioned to help customers bridge the gap from the existing, traditional PARCS processes to a broader business system that anticipates and interfaces with emerging technologies, supporting automated facilities, new payment methodologies and centralized operations.

The expertise of Ticketech in developing user-friendly systems optimized for the unique requirements of complex attended parking operations in dense urban environments has set us apart in the industry, underscored by a culture of service and support.
Long before smartphones and apps proliferated, we acknowledged and embraced our emerging crucial role as integrator of third-party programs and systems to ensure data integrity and performance.
 Today, as the parking industry continues to evolve with a strong emphasis on real-time data, analytics and mobile accessibility, our strong foundation in market-appropriate software and systems has provided a solid platform for current and future development, such as our integrated modules, mobile POS system, and dashboard tool.
While the Ticketech team has long been recognized for its knowledge of parking operations and software development, our commitment to total client service extends beyond that to vital related considerations, such as PCI compliance.  
We communicate regularly with clients regarding secure credit card processing, necessary updates, and broader network security considerations, through direct client communications and also more broadly via industry publications, on our blog and social media.
As the pace of parking technology development and adoption continues to accelerate and the marketplace grows ever more connected, Ticketech continues to provide customized solutions that meet the needs of both new and longtime clients with a comprehensive approach that our reputation is built on.
This year, Scheidt & Bachmann (S&B) U.S.A. is celebrating its 20th anniversary as an establishment in the U.S. parking industry. To achieve such a milestone, the Germany-based parking access and revenue control systems provider prides itself on maintaining a reputation in the industry as a dependable leader through its focus on innovation, reliability, flexibility and service.
All software and hardware equipment are made internally at the S&B factory and are direct-to-sell in order to ensure quality and service support.
What primarily distinguishes S&B in the PARCS market is its ability to offer innovative features that capture the exact needs of its customer base regardless of size of a project. Our management system may be customized to be as simple or as complex as needed.
S&B’s latest line of popular technological developments includes the retail campaign manager, web cashier and universal interface capability, which all serve to alleviate the hassle for operators and owners, while providing more quality service to the parking patrons.
Contact us at to continue the conversation about our popular features.

A Los Angeles-based small business, Secom International specializes in the manufacture and installation of fully integrated, online, real-time parking and revenue control equipment.
Secom, a full service: “Made in America” manufacturer, has designed, engineered, built and installed more than 5,000 systems worldwide in its 35-year history. Many of the systems installed upwards upwards of 30 years ago are still in operation.
Secom manufactures, installs, trains, services and supports all equipment in the field from headquarters and from regional offices and authorized dealers.
All equipment is fabricated from stainless steel for lasting beauty and rugged controls. We also offer environmental controls for after-hours lighting and air that can be billed to individual tenants, and fully integrated door controls.
The facility houses diverse manufacturing processes – from automated circuit board assembly, wire-harnessing, laser-cutting, bending, shaping, turning, milling and drilling of stainless steel panels to offices of software design and test operations.
Secom’s software has a lifetime guarantee. All our equipment, guaranteed not to obsolete, is manufactured to be backward- and forward-compatible. The huge final test-and-assembly area is a real testament to the skills and pride in workmanship, as product is readied for delivery.
Xerox Corp.
Parking services present serious challenges for city governments. Cities incorporating a variety of technologies, products and services from multiple third-party vendors are tasked with the time-consuming challenges associated with managing numerous vendors.
At times, these vendors may have competing incentives or interests. As an integrator, we’re able to combine multiple functions into a single responsibility center for improved performance.
Xerox parking solutions deliver intelligent management systems that not only optimize parking programs, but also deliver convenient solutions for drivers.
The city of Los Angeles is one example of our innovative approach to managing parking demand. We developed a program designed to ease congestion and reduce pollution through demand-based parking pricing and real-time parking guidance.
Within the first six months of the program, there was a 10% decrease in parking congestion and an 11% decrease in parking rates; however, there also was a 2% increase in parking revenue. This program demonstrates the power that pricing can have in changing driver behavior.
From smart-parking integration to violation processing and meter operations, we can help you reduce costs and street congestion. By integrating technology with our proven strategies for efficiently managing programs, you’ll gain powerful results for your organization. 
Best of all, our smart parking solutions are not just for big cities.  Xerox offers any size municipality innovative solutions that integrate real-time data and then apply analytics to help decision-making.
Parking solutions are complex, but for you and your customers, parking should be simple.

WPS U.S.A. Corp is a division of Imtech, an industry leading provider of automated parking equipment technology. Our vision with the invention of this technology 25 years ago has provided our customers with reliable “transportable” and low maintenance system solutions coupled with a powerful LINUX OS today – replacing the once standard Windows OS.
What sets us apart?
The decision to incorporate encrypted and intelligent thermal print barcode ticket technology, Windows OS and optical ticket scanners 30 years ago, created an unprecedented advantage over all system providers. The introduction of integrated on line credit card processing in 1989 and credit card in/credit card out systems in 1999 also showed continued innovation from WPS ahead of the market. Barcode ticketing is now the standard identification technology used throughout the world.
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