It’ll Be Revenue Control Wednesday As The Big Guns Come out at Parking Conference


It’ll Be Revenue Control Wednesday As The Big Guns Come out at Parking Conference

Billed as “four solid hours of revenue control,” the Wednesday session of the Conference of Parking Management and Technology, held in conjunction with the Parking Industry Exhibition, promises to be just what you need if you have any revenue control issues.
Starting with a Technology Breakfast at 8 a.m., the program continues through Pay-on-Foot, Auditing, and Purchasing a System, and ends with Data Data Data — a review of just what to do now that you have all this information about your parking operation.
Robert Milner and Dennis Cunning, two of the most popular speakers at previous conferences, will be joined by other experts who have tread the path of purchasing and maintaining a “PARCS” system.
The Technology Breakfast will enable attendees to speak directly to the manufacturers of revenue control systems. The format is freewheeling and forces vendors to give answers to sometimes hard questions. Bring your ideas, complaints and even congratulations, and let the manufacturing reps have it. Hear what the vendors of these electronic wonders have to say, and then have a chance to ask them specific questions about their systems, and yours. Why was that service so late? Why do seemingly minor software changes take so long? Get the answers.
Pay-on-foot is the coming technology for many applications. Whether converting, upgrading, or neither, this is a way to do more with less in your parking operation. But converting can be tricky. Robert and Dennis take you through the process — they have been through it and will tell you how to survive. This technology can and does work; however, you have to be able to “stay the course.” This session will give you the tools to do so.
Not upgrading, but simply want to be sure you are getting all your money? Well, this session is for you. It is the most popular presentation at any conference of Parking Management and Technology. Come early and sit down front. You will learn, or be reminded, of ways to make more out of your parking operation without parking a single more car. Whether you are a garage manager, a senior parking manager or an owner, you will not leave this session without saying that it alone was worth the trip.
The Devil’s in the Details — Purchasing a System
OK, you’re convinced; it’s time to buy a new system. Now what do you do? This panel with people who have just gone through it will discuss their trials and tribulations. They will help keep you from making the mistakes they made. Or tell you just how easy it was, right. This panel of experts will give you some help and answer your questions. This session alone could save you a bundle.
Data Data Data — Now that I have it, what do I do with it?
You have your system and also a mile-high stack of printouts at which no one ever seems to look. Why did you spend all this money and get all this data if no one uses it? Learn how to make these systems give you what you want. Dennis and Robert specialize in using the data collected to enhance the operation of Robert’s urban parking operation.
Revenue Control Wednesday is the culmination of three days of exhibits, seminars, lectures and classes at this most popular parking event of the year.
Conveniently located at the Hyatt Regency Hotel at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, the conference begins on Sunday with specialized advanced parking sessions on building, buying and selling parking facilities. .
Monday and Tuesday start with Technology Breakfasts. On Monday, get up to speed with the technotalk. Know what “bandwidth” means? How does it affect your parking system? How about the true meaning of “online.” If you’re sure you know the difference between AVI, RF, Hands Free, Slotless and Proximity, skip this one. However, it might be worth getting up half an hour early to understand the terms of parking technology. We’ll have plenty of coffee.
Tuesday’s Technology Breakfast features vendors who supply pay-and-display and pay-by-space. Here’s your chance. Ask these specialized vendors those hard questions. Get answers on the spot — they will all be there. Turn up the heat. Let ’em know firsthand what you think of their stuff, good and bad. Or just learn what others think about this equipment and technology.
For the parking novice, there is the popular Boot Camp, where four experts take you through parking from the ground up. This is designed not only for those who are in the profession full time, but also for those who supervise or own parking operations. If you are an owner, operator, asset manager, building manager or parking facility manager and new to the parking end of your business, this is for you.
The opening session will set the tone for the event with security experts Randy Atlas and Lou Rovner holding forth on the No. 1 topic of the day. It’s right out of the morning headlines. Terror and security are critical issues in our businesses. These two experts speak on how to use the design of your garage to your advantage in promoting security and preventing terror, plus ways to ensure that you hire the people who will best fit the safe and secure environment you are trying to build.
Heard about the parking ordinance in San Francisco? It affects manufacturers, owners and operators. Get an update from the city itself and find out how successful or unsuccessful it has been.
What’s happening in the future of parking? A panel of experts brainstormed this question for three days last month. Will you even have a job in 10 years? Get the answer as well as projections for garage construction growth in the next year.
All this information and much more, including specialized roundtables focusing on developers/owners, airports, higher education and operators. This is where the information flies. Find out what works and what doesn’t. Share your successes and failures in an informal atmosphere.
More than 100 parking companies will be plying their wares at the Parking Industry Exhibition, held in the Hyatt’s 30,000-square-foot grand ballroom, with every parking product and service imaginable — from pay-on-foot to pay-by-space, from consulting to concrete repair, from parking tickets to the highest of parking technology.
The exhibit hall is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday, April 19 and 20. Although you may sign up at the door, it is suggested that you register on line at and click on PIE.
During the Monday and Tuesday sessions, attendees will be exposed to panels and roundtables, to lectures and discussions dealing with the issues that affect all sectors of the parking industry. Higher Education, Cities, Developers, Operators, Airports, Hotels and other groups with parking operations would find this event the most educational and cost-effective in North America.

Complete information, schedules and registration forms can be found at the conference Web site (click on PIE).

The Parking Industry Exhibition and Conference of Parking Management and Technology is sponsored by Parking Today magazine and is held by Bricepac Inc.

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