LA Parking Association Urged Aggressive Enforcement


LA Parking Association Urged Aggressive Enforcement

Re: Parking Today, September 2009 Issue “Point of View” and “Parking Operator Goes Down …”
Editor, Parking Today:
Your September 2009 issue was both interesting and informative (as usual). Being of particular interest to me was your “Point of View” commentary and your opinion piece titled, “Parking Operator Goes Down – May Do Hard Time.”
In my role as Chairman of the Los Angeles Parking Association (LAPA) and Vice President of Parking Concepts Inc. (PCI), our association has been diligent and assertive in trying to get the city of Los Angeles to enforce the various tax and licensing requirements associated with the lawful operation of the parking lots and garages throughout the city.
In fact, it was through our efforts and personal meetings about four years ago, with Laura Chick, Controller, City of Los Angeles, that ultimately led to the retention of the Parking Network to perform independent audits of various city parking lots and garages.
We recommended the Parking Network for contract consideration based on the reputation of the principals and, to the best of our knowledge, no conflicts of interest with the numerous city parking operators.
The LAPA did not issue a “press release,” but we were collectively encouraged and hopeful that something was finally going to be done to rein in the scofflaw operators that are practically impossible to compete against due to under-reporting and non-reporting of gross receipts collected.
We (recently) met with the city’s new Controller, Wendy Greuel, to convey the association’s continued support for diligent oversight and aggressive enforcement of all tax and permitting requirements.
The vast majority of Southern California parking operators are professional firms that comply with the law, pay their taxes, and care about their customers and employees. They also provide a valuable and important service that is often misunderstood and under-appreciated.
Please keep up the good work. I look forward to your publication every month.
Robert Hindle
Chairman, Los Angeles Parking Association
and Vice President, Parking Concepts Inc.

Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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