Leveraging AI for Better Data Collection, Enforcement


Leveraging AI for Better Data Collection, Enforcement

Shiraz Hazrat


AI technology is revolutionizing how data is collected and used in many industries, including parking. As the world begins to embrace AI and its possibilities, parking owners and operators must be open to new ways of thinking.


Adaptations of AI technology can bring powerful new ways to capture parking data and gain insights to optimize parking operations like never before. For example, Generative AI can be used to enhance customer support, big data analytics can be used to predict trends in a parking lot, and Vision AI can continuously monitor parking lots in real-time to provide finer spot-level insights at a fraction of costs which was not possible before. Owners and operators need to ask themselves, “How could we use finer granularity data and AI-driven insights in new ways to enhance the customer experience while maximizing revenue and reducing operational costs?”


Benefits of AI


Leveraging AI for more detailed real-time and historical data means better and more efficient parking management. Drivers are not just eager to know if a parking lot has availability now, but will it have availability when they arrive and route them to a specific spot for seamless and straightforward parking experiences. Similarly, owners/operators need new ways to automatically enforce compliance or repurpose parking assets to ensure optimal ROI.


While these are some examples, AI technology’s full range of benefits and applications for parking is just beginning to be realized by professionals within the industry. There is an opportunity for parking professionals to be innovators at the forefront of integration, defining the landscape and helping guide the evolution and advancement of AI-driven possibilities.




Embracing Technology


There are many up-and-coming integration opportunities for AI technology. Below are a few examples of leveraging AI to level up current parking systems.


• Spot level Occupancy and dwell time monitoring


• Automated Violation enforcement


• Flexible Permit allocation and compliance


• Automated LPR and zone-based payments


• Real-time Security


Adoption of AI technology can be a smooth process. Parking professionals can often start using AI to gain new insights and information to better apply existing technology platforms or on-the-ground processes. Cloud-based AI systems offering flexible APIs can make integration quick, seamless, and compatible with existing systems.


The FutureWhat does the future hold? When it comes to AI, we are just beginning to scratch the surface for new applications as parking needs will continue to evolve in the coming years, as will endless application possibilities.


History has shown that early technology adopters are often recognized and rewarded as thought leaders for their innovation and forethought.


The future of parking is AI-driven. Are you ready?


SHIRAZ HAZRAT is the CTO for SpotGenius and can be reached at  shiraz.hazrat@spotgenius.com.

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