Lexington Parking Authority Integrates Scheidt & Bachmann Software and ParkMe


Lexington Parking Authority Integrates Scheidt & Bachmann Software and ParkMe

The Lexington Parking Authority (LPA) for the City of Lexington, KY recently completed a full integration with parking solutions providers Scheidt & Bachmann, and parking information services provider ParkMe. The integration allows the LPA to offer real-time parking space count information to its visitors, which helps visitors find spaces more easily in LPA parking facilities. This is also an environmental improvement as emissions given off by vehicles circling downtown blocks looking for parking will be lowered.
 “There is a general perception that there is not enough parking downtown and that it is a hassle to find available parking spaces,” says Gary A. Means, CAPP, Executive Director of the Lexington Parking Authority. “This interface project eliminates the intimidation and helps make it easier for people to plan their trips ahead of time enabling them to view availability as well as pricing in each parking facility.”
The LPA currently uses Scheidt & Bachmann software and hardware to manage the parking access and revenue control systems for four parking facilities owned and managed by the LPA. The interface between the two firms for the LPA uses the Universal Interface module provided in Scheidt & Bachmann’s entervo V2R2 software package while utilizing ParkMe’s real-time availability software to reach its vast user-base. The integration was completed in January 2014 and is currently being tested live in Lexington specifically for purposes of space availability, reservations and prebooking.
 The LPA views the integration as taking parking for Lexington to new heights and pioneering an enhancement in parking technology. “The Parking Industry is shifting from us dictating prices, options and availability to now customers telling us what they want,” comments Means. “Technology is revolutionizing the definition of better parking experience by giving customers information and allowing them to make choices for themselves. It’s a win-win situation for all.”
The Lexington Parking Authority is looking into future plans to expand the space count integration for on-street parking.


Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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