Mexico City Executives are Treated to VIP Parking


Mexico City Executives are Treated to VIP Parking

Arcos Bosques, a 40-story office building, is one of the most prominent skyscrapers in the heart of Mexico City. Nicknamed “El PantalĆ³n”, or “The Trousers”, the unique glass and steel structure features two parallel 36-story towers joined by a four-story support at the top. It is a building that incorporates the best and most advanced construction and amenities. Located in Bosques de las Lomas, the most elegant section of Mexico City, Arcos Bosques houses many international companies. At the foot of the towers is a large parking facility with 1,000 spaces for office employees and visitors.
Executives at Arcos Bosques were facing a dilemma. With hundreds of employees and visitors headed in and out of the towers on a daily basis, finding a parking space was often a challenge. Busy executives with large companies to run needed the assurance of having a space available on their arrival. But the steady stream of visitors and employees made that assurance hard to implement.
Mexico’s premiere distributor of automated parking and access equipment, Automatizacion y Trafico ALTO, was called in to find a solution. ALTO has been a leader in the sales of parking and access control since 1994, with offices and clients throughout Mexico. To ALTO experts, the solution was simple – they turned to Designated Parking, Corp. and The My Spot 200.
The unit is a low cost, self contained, remote controlled barrier that secures a parking space with the click of a button from inside a vehicle. Easily secured into the road or the floor of a parking lot, drivers simply push a button and the barrier in front of their space moves down so a vehicle can be parked, or back up again so the space can stay reserved. A total of 30 devices were installed right outside the controlled area of the parking facility. The 30 designated spaces are highly visible and have been rented out to building occupants who want their parking space to always be waiting for them, explained Roberto Arouesty, Director General for ALTO. “As you enter and exit the garage, these designated spaces are beckoning motorists, while at the same time restricting access only to those who subscribe for this VIP service,” said Designated Parking’s President Dori Teich.
The tenants who opted for the devices are thrilled, Arouesty said. As soon as the barriers were installed, all motorists entering Arcos Bosques understood the parking restrictions and respected them. So successful were the initial barriers that since that time ALTO has expanded the number of VIP bays. “Our clients are happy that their most important occupants know their space will be there for them whenever they need to be at their office,” Arouesty said.
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Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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