Minneapolis to Expand Cale Meter Program


Minneapolis to Expand Cale Meter Program

Cale Group’s newest subsidiary, Cale America, has begun 2012 with some key meter orders from new and current customers. The city of Minneapolis, already with 350-plus Cale pay-by-space meters installed through 2011, has ordered 100 more.

The system allows patrons to pay for any space number at any meter citywide. City enforcement officers utilize real-time data from Cale’s WebOffice system, via smartphone or web-enabled handhelds, to know which customers have paid and which spaces are expired or unpaid.

“We are extremely happy with the system,” said Tim Drew, the city’s Parking Manager. “We are meeting or exceeding our performance goals, and the reliability and flexibility of the Cale system have been critical to the success of the program.

“We have had some technical challenges,” he said, “but the level of support we receive is tremendous.”

New meter orders also have been received from the cities of Wells and Portland, ME. Based on current forecasts, Cale America should surpass the 13,000 installed meter mark before the end of this year. It plans to hire additional sales professionals and will contract with multiple distribution partners this year to ensure that product demand is met and excellent support levels are maintained.

Asked why the company continues to be successful in such a competitive market, Cale America General Manager Jeff Nethery answered: “We continue to provide our current customer install base with a consistent and well-organized support strategy. Our success continues to be the result of referrals from our existing customer base, which is extremely satisfied with our commitment to the success of each parking program.”

(Source: Cale America)

Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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