My Parking Shark Tank Experience


My Parking Shark Tank Experience

An Open Letter of Gratitude:

Ryan Bonardi


I would like to thank all those involved in allowing me and Blinkay to be a part of, and one of, the Park Shark Tank participants; I was among a group of professionals I hold in high esteem.


All of the participants provided great presentations and I learned something from all of them. The audience was attentive, asked questions, and offered actionable advice. A big thanks to all of them, too. I have to give a special shout out to my mentor, Rob Maroney, for putting me under his fin. Rob has already begun to offer Blinkay constructive feedback, and direction, on what the market is in need of and to match these opportunities with a Blinkay offering.


Rob Maroney has suggested to me that Blinkay’s offering is so diverse, we may want to consider prioritizing the applications Blinkay offers in the U.S. marketplace. With that said, Rob has committed to helping Blinkay identify the best actions and strategies to take. His suggestions will help Blinkay to create a unique identity in the parking control marketplace, further gain the trust of prospective clients, and then deliver exactly what was proposed and accepted by the client.


Blinkay will continue to be responsive to what the market requires. We know we have an arsenal of products and services to offer.  And we know we need to concentrate our efforts and focus on what we should promote to the forefront of our buying audience, which is a parking professional just like you.


The overall experience of Park Tank was and continues to be very rewarding. First off, Blinkay gained immediate recognition from prospective customers. We experienced higher booth traffic after, we experienced more hits on our LinkedIn pages, and we experienced more buying questions. In short, Blinkay achieved more than anticipated through our participation in Park Tank, and we are very grateful for being allowed to swim with the sharks.


Blinkay U.S.A. is new to the U.S. parking control industry, but not to parking control. We have established an outstanding reputation across the parking industry, worldwide. From our home office in Barcelona, Spain, Blinkay initially concentrated on Europe. With expansion efforts, Blinkay created subsidiaries in Spain, Mexico, Malaysia, Philippines, and Canada. Operations have now commenced in the United States (Dunedin, Fla.), with Blinkay U.S.A. Blinkay U.S.A.’s core employees represent over 60 years of parking control vendor experience, mostly with Multi-Space Parking, Enforcement and SaaS solutions.


In closing, we thank John, Astrid, Marcy, the entire Parking Today family, Julie Dixon, Cameron, and of course, Rob Maroney for, all their help in making PIE 2023 such a success for BLINKAY U.S.A.! See you all again at next year’s show, March 30 – April 4, right back at the Schaumburg Renaissance Convention Center.


If you have questions about next year’s show, you may contact Marcy Sparrow with any questions Marcy loves to get long-winded emails, the more the better – wink.


Sincerely, Ryan Bonardi – Director of Sales, Blinkay

Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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