Nedap AVI Now Nedap Identification Systems


Nedap AVI Now Nedap Identification Systems

Nedap AVI has changed its name to “Nedap Identification Systems.” The reason, executives said, is that over the past few years, Nedap AVI (Automatic Vehicle Identification) has developed energetically and expanded its portfolio – from specialist in long-range RFID solutions for vehicle and driver identification to a solution provider with a wider portfolio.
This now includes long-range identification of people in and around buildings, wireless vehicle detection sensors for on-street parking guidance, and remote management of vehicle entrance points to restricted city zones, the company said.
Ruben Wegman, CEO of Netherlands-based parent company Nedap N.V., said, “The [identification systems] group has been able to bring new relevant technologies to the industries of security, traffic and parking.
“Our long-range RFID readers can be used indoors and outdoors for both vehicles and people. Current technological development enables access control solutions that combine security with high levels of convenience. This is the right moment to change our name and to prepare ourselves for future market demands. …”
At the same time, the corporation announced a new “activity,” Nedap Mobility Solutions, which will be part of the renamed unit, whose General Manager, Maarten Mijwaart, said, “This will bring together all of our solutions to help cities become smart about mobility.
“Our wireless parking detection system Sensit, as well as our advanced solution for vehicular city access control, will be part of this activity.
“In 2013, Nedap saw the breakthrough for Sensit,” Mijwaart said. “The wireless parking sensor market is a very promising one, and so far we have deployed the platform in several cities around the world. We expect that this is only the beginning. … Based on … international interest in mobility solutions for cities, we [concluded] that now is the time to roll out this solution internationally.”
[Source: Nedap Identification Systems, Nedap N.V.]


Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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