New Company Update: PassportParking


New Company Update: PassportParking

PassportParking began to reach out to the parking community in March, and now want to provide an update as PT follows the company from startup to launch to initial implementations. Since its official launch in February, along with its debut at the 2012 IPI Conference & Expo in June, PassportParking has gained considerable traction.
The company has an integrated hardware and software solution through what they have coined as a “Parking as a Service” (PaaS) model. They initially entered the market with a pay-by-phone parking solution and have focused on building relationships with municipalities and parking owners and operators.
Within the first few months of launching, the company said
they signed more than 20 clients and have “a promising pipeline of new opportunities.” Here is a sampling of client quotes from recent press releases:
 “Using a mobile application, making a phone call or sending a text will save time and effort of [those] who use our daily lot and the village staff.” – Village Manager, Brookfield, IL
 “Secure Parking is excited to roll out PassportParking’s mobile payment system for our daily parking customers. Registration is simple, convenient … The operational platform is fully integrated, and [the company] has worked on a custom solution for [us].” – Parking Director, Secure Parking, Charlotte, NC
“We believe our customers will find this payment option quick and easy to use. The notification by text message 15 minutes before expiration should also be very helpful.” – Vice President, McLaurin Parking, Asheville, NC
“The entire team at PassportParking does exceptional work in bringing the parking industry up to speed in the new cellular-centric world we live in today. … We are extremely excited about what this partnership will do for us, particularly for our ability to grow in areas where risk previously outweighed reward.” – President, Park Inc., Charlotte, NC
The PassportParking team also told PT that the most rewarding aspect of their partnerships has been listening to their clients and helping them further their vision of improving the customer experience, along with “relieving main pressure points.”
Co-Managing Partner Bob Youakim believes the company has an advantage in being able to take this information and respond quickly to the dynamics unique to each provider. “The most exciting thing about our platform,” he said, “is that with each vertical, we’ve had the opportunity to take a blank sheet of paper and compare this with what is currently in the marketplace. We’ve tried to make operations more efficient at every level.”
(Source: PassportParking)
Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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