New Induction Solution Illuminates Heights at Eastwood in Lansing, MI


New Induction Solution Illuminates Heights at Eastwood in Lansing, MI

The Heights at Eastwood in Lansing, MI, features more than 60 upscale fashion retailers, home furnishing shops, and a variety of dining opportunities for its Lansing Township community.
Last year, The Heights underwent a major expansion, and amid inviting gathering spots, broad sidewalks and attractive landscaping, visitors will notice that their shopping and dining experiences are enhanced as a result of entirely new lighting.
Steven Hayward, Executive Director of the township’s Downtown Development Authority (DDA), partnered with Wesco Distribution, West Michigan Lighting and Superior Electric of Lansing to complete this effort. The overall occupant response to the lighting install was very positive.
“This was a new construction job, so several different criteria had to be taken into consideration in regards to lighting,” said Deb Perkins, West Michigan Lighting Sales Rep. “Originally, the expansion was specified with [another] system, [which we determined was] not practical, not cost effective, and not that energy efficient.
“We selected the EverLast Smart induction fixtures,” Perkins said, “because of performance, energy savings, ease of control, warranty, and the fact that it was ‘US  (Michigan) Made.’”
Superior Electric installed more than 300 EverLast bi-level parking garage  lighting fixtures at The Heights. They utilize enhanced optics, improving fixture efficiency 30% and increasing overall light distribution by 35%, EverLast says.
The fixtures incorporate its “Smart” bi-level technology, the company says, stepping down the fixtures to 40% when the area is vacant for a set length of time, and then steps back up upon occupancy. This technology is designed to create “the perfect lighting necessary for improved pedestrian safety in parking facilities, and energy efficiency for the building the fixtures occupy.”
“A premier provider of electrical, construction and general MRO products, Wesco is recognized as one of the largest, most responsive distributors in the electrical industry,” ” said its Lighting Specialist Troy Trimbach. “To maintain our reputation, we select only the absolute best products on the market.
“We chose EverLast for this job simply because they provide an energy efficient alternative over HID [high-intensity-discharge lighting]. Performance, life expectancy and warranty are additional incentives our experienced lighting experts immediately recognized.”
Most parking garages use high-intensity discharge light sources that operate continuously regardless of lighting needs. These facilities typically do not employ energy-saving control strategies such as daylighting or time clock scheduling, and no considerations are made for lighting control based on occupancy.
Induction is the superior choice for high luminance garage lighting applications as they boast 100,000-hour lamp life versus 50,000 hours for LED in addition to considerably lower luminaire prices.
More so, induction luminaires can be easily re-lamped, while many LED fixtures do not have easily replaceable modules. Induction technology also has much better lumen maintenance over the lifetime of the fixture, and does not have the harsh glare of directional LED light sources because of its spherical light source and visually comfortable color rendering typically ranging between 2700 and 6000K lamps. White light LEDs are in the objectionable higher range emitting excessive blue light.
“The primary reasons that we chose to go with these EverLast units were energy efficiency and light distribution,” said the DDA’s Hayward.
“Throughout the process, we compared the EverLast fixtures with three- or four-dozen different types of fixtures with Wesco on the site. Even though some fixtures were cheaper, the overall efficiency coupled with the bi-level sensor satisfied all of the needs of our facility, making it an easy decision.
“Also, the aesthetics of the EverLast fixtures help give The Heights an entirely new feel, in addition to energy savings and lowered maintenance costs,” Hayward said.
The cost of the bi-level induction luminaires generally is one to two times higher than common garage luminaires. The payback is between three to seven years, depending on occupancy rates and the size of the installation.
“The EverLast Davenport garage fixtures … hit all of the buying buttons, such as energy efficiency, economy, long life, dim-ability, controllability, safety and reduced glare,” said Brandon Marken, the company’s Vice President of Sales. “It is much more typical for lighting designers and specifiers to be operating in the world of trade-offs, i.e. ‘I’ll give up one feature I want for another feature I want more,’ but not in this case,” Marken said.
The Davenport fixture has been utilized in other parking garages, across Whole Foods locations; at Michigan State University and the University of California-Davis; at Capitol Park Plaza in Washington, DC, and the Kentucky Expo Convention Center in Louisville; and in city owned garages in Sacramento, CA, and Davenport, IA.

Kyle Leighton, Public Relations Coordinator at Everlast Lighting, can be reached at


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