Not a Cashier Booth in Sight


Not a Cashier Booth in Sight

The first fully automated (cashierless) airport parking facility in the United States opened last month in New Jersey. The parking facility, with more than 1,800 paved parking spaces, is located at the Atlantic City International Airport. This two-phase project began two years ago when Republic Parking System and G&G Development Group were awarded the contract after a competitive bid process.
In the facility, unlike virtually all pay on foot airport operations, there are no cashiers in the lanes and no booths have been installed for their use.
The first phase of this project consisted of designing and constructing surface parking lots, terminal roadways, a commercial vehicle holding area, and a rental car ready return lot. The second phase, which has been put on hold due to the tragic events of September 11, consists of G&G/RPS designing and constructing a four-level, 1,350-space parking garage.
For phase one, Republic Parking System and Standard Parking Systems designed and installed the first fully automated cashierless parking facility at an airport of this size in the United States. The parking system contains four pay on foot stations, four E-ticket express entry stations, and four E-ticket express exit stations all from Standard Parking Systems. The six magnetic stripe ticket dispensers are from Magnetic Automation.
For a pay on foot transaction, the patron takes a ticket at the entrance. A detailed sign package directs the patron through the facility and reminds the patron to take their ticket with them. The pay on foot station accepts cash or credit cards as payment for parking. Patrons receive a receipt, a magnetically encoded exit pass and change if necessary. To exit the facility, the patrons insert the magnetically encoded exit pass into the one of the E-ticket exit stations, which in turn opens the gate.
Express transactions
E-ticket express is a ticket-less transaction. For this transaction, the patron inserts his credit card in the E-ticket entry station. The patron uses the same credit card at the exit station. The E-ticket exit station prints a receipt and raises the gate. Transaction times are almost immediate at both the Entrance and Exit Stations.
Airport employees use the same E-ticket stations to enter and exit using a magnetic stripe monthly access card.
Republic’s Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Each E-ticket entry, exit, and pay on foot station includes a call button that connects the patron to a CSR cell phone. Unlike the traditional stationary intercom, this technology allows the CSRs to move about the airport and not miss a call for help. The CSRs can assist the patron with parking-related matters such as lost tickets, unreadable credit cards, lost vehicles, etc. The CSRs are stationed at the entrances, exits and pay-on-foot stations during peak periods to assist customers in using the new technology.
The system opened on December 12, and has been a tremendous success, according to airport officials, with positive reactions from both patrons and airport personnel.

Those wishing more information on the project can contact Chris Howley at Republic or Jeff Fitzwilliams at Standard Parking Systems.

Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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