NPA Where to Find It?


NPA Where to Find It?

The National Parking Association (NPA) has been busy this year, with a flurry of new research, publications, advocacy tools, and a 6-track convention with a big focus on technology trends and operations.
Word is that NPA’s membership has jumped 40%.
As Board Chairman Jed Hatfield, CPP, wraps up his leadership term, the NPA is set to restructure its Board of Directors and introduce parking segment councils to involve more sectors of parking pros.
Here’s a roundup of some NPA resources for parking pros, public and private, from the C-suite to facility manager:
Parking Pro Must Have
Answers for Operating Results
Public and private parking pros have been asking questions about improving facility maintenance, best practices in personnel management, and ways to improve bottom line results.
When asked what three resources are best for a facility manager or parking manager/director, the NPA answered: the “Parking Garage Maintenance Manual,” “The Dimensions of Parking” (produced with the Urban Land Institute), and “Guidelines for Parking Geometrics.”
What does this mean? Basically, figure out a good parking space management plan, maintain your facility with practical guidelines and follow best practices for your operation.
@ NPA Convention Session &
New Guide on Parking RFP Process
Public sector parking pros continue to manage operations in-house,
as well as looking at some outsourcing, to complete parking
management contracts.
The public sector is under continuing pressure to secure bids that bring best-in-class bidders, present apples-to-apples comparisons, and generate proposals with relevant staffing and services matched to the municipal/university need.
The NPA Parking Consultants Council (PCC) this year developed a “Guide to Selecting a Parking Operator,” with templates, tools, timelines, and a process for managing the RFP process. To learn more, visit
Parking Consultants Council Leads Industry
This prestigious network of 50 parking consultants also can serve as a resource in managing the bid process. All PCC members are evaluated based on experience, project work and a peer review before being selected to join this nationally recognized group. The Council is led by Chuck Cullen, CAPP, CPP, of The Integrity Group. To find its members, visit the PCC Directory at
C-suite Viewpoints on Parking Growth
In today’s complex operating environment, defining a business model, strategy, operating practices and financial model are crucial to success. Leaders from Ampco, LAZ Parking, Impark, 717, ProPark, The Parking Spot, ParkNFly, Towne Park and other C-suite executives share their strategies for driving performance results in a new NPA eBook. “Executive Perspectives on Growth and Competitive Edge” is due for release at NPA’s October convention.
NPA Releases ‘Legal Perspectives’
on Managing Litigation Risks
The “Executive Perspectives” eBook and its companion, the just-developed “Legal Perspectives on Rules, Risks & Litigation,” are two new NPA resources for private sector C-suite executives on the strategies, practices, risks and responses that can elevate parking industry performance.
The “Legal Perspectives” eBook outlines how to use non-disclosure agreements, legally conduct criminal background checks, limit litigation exposure and comply with new ADA rules, and highlights the top 10 legal blind spots and how to avoid them.
NPA’s ‘Driving Performance,
Progress & Profits’ Convention
The NPA has just announced some major business speakers on the economic, technology and trends affecting parking.
Making the Case for Fair Tax Policy
The NPA has just released the 2012 editions of its “Fair Tax Policy” Toolkit and “Fair Off-Airport Policy Fee” Toolkit. Both provide advocacy roadmaps, grassroots outreach plans and case studies on how to advocate for fair and balanced approaches to government-imposed taxes and fees.
Parking operators in Los Angeles helped defeat plans for a parking tax this year by forming a local coalition with NPA members and using the NPA Fair Tax Policy Toolkit to help plan a government affairs campaign.
Healthcare Reform Rules,
Deadlines & Penalties
Parking executives interested in the options, compliance rules,
deadlines and penalties related to Healthcare Reform participated in an NPA Healthcare Reform Briefing during the association’s Aug. 2 Fair Tax Policy Forum.
Also, in August, the NPA released an Issue Alert on Healthcare Reform, along with a Legislative Alert outlining a waterfall of compliance deadlines and two major government penalties: the “tack hammer” penalty and the “sledge hammer” penalty for non-compliance with Healthcare Reform.
The Members Only legislative alert provides executives and HR departments with guidance on the rules and penalties. The NPA outlined three potential responses and the impact of each on business.
Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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