Ohio State University – The Lighting University!


Ohio State University – The Lighting University!

Everyone’s talking about … The Ohio State University (OSU) public-private partnership (P3) project.  What many don’t talk about are some of the ways the new caretakers of this prestigious property are actually paying it forward.
At this year’s Parking Industry Exhibition (PIE), March 16-19 at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Rosemont, IL, we will lead a panel discussion titled “Lighting – LED, HPS, Fluorescent or Remote Phosphor?”
At this session, PIE attendees will learn why CampusParc – the local entity set up by OSU and QIC Global Infrastructure and its operating partner LAZ Parking to oversee management of the nearly $500 million 50-year lease and concession agreement for the university’s parking operations – decided to upgrade the lighting at all existing parking facilities on the Columbus campus.
As part of the privatization agreement, said Sarah Blouch, President of CampusParc, “we are required to upgrade the lighting at all parking garages and surface lots to meet the stated OSU Building Design Standards. 
“This was not a condition that the OSU Transportation & Parking Services unit operated under, so many lots on campus have little to no lighting,” she said. “And while all OSU garages do have lighting in them, some do not meet the building design standards specified by the university. 
“We developed a lighting strategy with the goals of meeting the required standards in the most cost-efficient way,” Blouch said, “while at the same time enhancing the customer experience and reducing energy consumption, cost and maintenance dollars [by reducing the need to replace lamps]. 
“ECO Lighting’s products met our strategy and goals,” she said, “and we are… relamping many of our garages with [its] FlexTech induction fixtures and bulbs. We are now looking at our surface parking lots to determine what the best solution for those areas would be.”   
Faced with an onslaught of lighting manufacturers and lighting suppliers, how did CampusParc and LAZ Parking sort through the rhetoric and come to a decision as to which technology would be best for the projects moving forward?
At our “Lighting” panel discussion at PIE 2014, sponsored and produced by Parking Today, attendees will learn:
The goals of the lighting project.
The lighting technologies evaluated.
The players involved and considered.
The projected and the actual results.
The process of doing a lighting project.

At PIE 2014, attendees will come away with the confidence and knowledge to do a deal for themselves or their clients moving forward. This session will speak to all levels of competency from Lighting 101on up. 
As The Ohio State University continues to make a name for itself year after year on the gridiron, OSU also is being recognized as one of the leading forward-thinking institutions in parking and energy innovations.

Steve Gresh, a LAZ Parking Regional VP, oversees the CampusParc concession contract managing OSU parking, which includes 17 garages, 153 surface lots and one of the largest medical campus parking systems in the country. Contact him at sgresh@LAZparking.com.
Dave Packard, Operations VP of ECO Lighting Solutions and COO of ECO Parking Lights, also oversees the company’s Indianapolis and Anderson, IN, factories that produce its products. Contact him at djpackard@ecoparkinglights.com.
Contact Jeff Pinyot, Co-Founder of ECO Lighting Solutions and President of ECO Parking Lights, at jspinyot@ecoparkinglights.com. A U.S.-based manufacturer of parking garage and area lighting fixtures featuring LED and Induction technologies, ECO was awarded the $2 million OSU subcontract with LAZ Parking.
PIE 2014 will be March 16-19 at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Rosemont, IL. For more information and to register, go to

Article contributed by:
Steve Gresh, Dave Packard and Jeff Pinyot
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