Pango Reports Successful Start of of Smart-Parking


Pango Reports Successful Start of of Smart-Parking

Pango Mobile Parking reported, in mid-July, tremendous success just one month after its implementation in Scranton, PA. Since May 28, some 3,000 Pango parking sessions had been tracked; more than 700 parkers signed up for the mobile parking payment solution; and 10 merchants enrolled in a company program facilitating the technology’s innovative location-based mobile advertising platform.
“Scranton parkers, city officials and downtown merchants have fully embraced Pango and applaud its convenience and simplicity,” said Dani Shavit, CEO of Pango Shyyny USA, the licensee in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Washington, DC. “These numbers illustrate the ease with which Pango can be seamlessly integrated in any city, large or small.”
Further illustrating the system’s effectiveness, Chattanooga, TN, a city of 170,000 residents, adopted a similar mobile parking payment model, but only 323 pay-by-phone transactions were documented during the first month of adoption.
Pango is designed to eliminate the headaches associated with city parking by allowing drivers to use their mobile phones to pay for parking at any on-street metered parking space designated with a Pango sticker or equipped with Pango street signs.
Its smartphone app – available on iOS, BlackBerry, and Android devices – offers the most convenient way to access all its features. Once signed up, which is free, users may pay for parking by either using the mobile app, calling toll free, texting or by signing into their personal account at and using the “Park Car” option.
[Source: Pango Mobile Parking]
Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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