PARCS System Meets ATL’s Ever Changing Requirements


PARCS System Meets ATL’s Ever Changing Requirements

Continued growth in air travel each year has caused increasing vehicle congestion around airport passenger terminals. Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), the world’s busiest passenger airport, was
no exception.
A few years ago, the airport authority needed to implement an advanced and more efficient parking revenue control system for a new international terminal and a ground transportation system for both domestic and international terminals.
To the agency, focused on offering continuous improvements to help provide a smooth experience to all travelers, parking is an essential ingredient. To work toward this goal, out-of-date technology, equipment and services needed to be replaced with new and more efficient solutions.
With the Federal Aviation Administration having forecast that international traffic would increase by more than 30% percent over the next years, the new terminal needed a solution to support the ever-changing needs of airline partners and customers for years to come. Also, about 7,000 commercial vehicles drove through the Ground Transportation area every day, and it was necessary to streamline control functions and improve the efficiency of operations.
With a wide range of parking facilities spread across the terminals, as well as multiple challenges, the authority needed an advanced solution to improve efficiency and ease of management, and to enhance safety, security and customer service.
Airport planners conducted thorough market research before selecting Hub Parking Technology as their parking solutions supplier with “a competent presence in the local market and the ability to provide swift response times.”
The airport authority wanted to introduce a state-of-the-art, stable and scalable parking revenue control system, one that could ensure easy introduction of future expansions of the computing hardware and software platform, plus:
A new, flexible, web-based, real-time parking management system, accessible anytime and anywhere from any web-connected device.
A ground transportation system to optimize curbside space, generate new revenue and improve service.
A reservation system for reservations and pre-payment.
In-lane LPR and mobile LPR.
A space count system to monitor real-time space availability anytime and to monitor multiple lots simultaneously.
Adjustable parking rates per peak demands to maximize profit and to track historic lot utilization trends for future planning.
A VMS with efficient solutions for parking information and guidance, both for airport visitors at the international terminal parking facilities, and for taxi, van and limo drivers in the ground transportation commercial vehicle holding lot.
Pay-in-lane stations and convenient automated pay-on-foot stations to provide faster payment processing, in both the international terminal parking facilities and the ground transportation area.
Hub Parking Technology deployed a web-based, highly configurable and flexible software solution to meet the specific needs of Atlanta International Airport and to simplify management of its parking facilities. The system allows for easy management of all the equipment in several lots, as well as the ground transportation area, from one centralized control panel in the parking office.
The ground transportation system was implemented, in both the domestic and the international terminals, to dispatch, monitor, track, control, charge fees and record commercial vehicle operations. Vehicles are associated with access media, including AVI transponders and proximity cards, which are utilized to authenticate and subsequently bill/charge an account.
Another crucial feature was the online reservation system, which enables patrons to reserve and pre-pay for airport parking through a secure PCI-Compliant application. The operator is paid in advance, has full visibility on future pre-booking activity in advance of arrivals, and is able to offer flexible rates according to demand, enabling new revenue streams. The patrons use their credit card for entry and exit and can experience hassle-free parking and a premium quality of service: It’s faster, easier, more convenient — and most important— guaranteed parking upon arrival.
Besides in-lane LPR at entry and exit, additional mobile license plate recognition units are deployed in the domestic terminal parking areas to facilitate the capture of license plate data for inventory and audit purposes. This increases the ability of the parking management company to perform timely and useful inventory control data acquisition; and improves customer service (help clients find their car) and revenues (in case of lost or swapped tickets).
An efficient vehicle management system also was developed, not only to reduce search time and facilitate orientation, but also to improve traffic flow and reduce vehicle emissions. This VMS enhanced customer satisfaction and increased efficiency and use of parking, for both visitor and commercial vehicles’ drivers, officials said.
A count system displays the number of spaces available on each of the floors of the international parking garages. The system gets its original count data from overhead bi-directional vehicle sensors. The data and reporting are available on the VMS network workstations for use by parking management and administration.
Traffic flow throughput at ATL during busy periods has increased dramatically. Customers can now experience a hassle-free parking experience and get to the terminals easily and quickly, officials say. Also, parking management now has immediate access to data and information and can monitor all facilities.
The ATLA airport authority experienced a significant increase in occupancy, revenue and data availability, and is now able to grant a seamless parking experience, for both travelers and operators, officials say.

Ilaria Riva is Marketing Manager for Hub Parking Technology, a FAAC Group Business Unit.
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