Park 1 Excels in South Florida, New Orleans


Park 1 Excels in South Florida, New Orleans

Bijan Eghtedari-Chief Executive Officer of Park 1, spoke to Parking Today about his company and the parking environment in the Southeast, most particularly South Florida.
“We have 132 locations and 1400 employees spread across Florida, Louisiana and now in Texas. Business in Florida is hospitality based. There is a lot of money coming into Florida Development from South America and Europe. We see cranes everywhere with new apartments and hotels. However, Florida generally trails in terms of offering latest technology.”
“Park 1 has concentrated on valet and parking operations servicing the hospitality industry. We have been named one of the top 30 employers in Florida.
“In addition to providing premium valet and parking solutions, Park One has an emerging Pool and Beach Services capability under the name Pool One. We provide to our residential, hotel and/or private club clients pool or beach ‘concierge’ services and a resort style ambiance to guests, members or residents of a property. Park One pool concierge are selected for a positive attitude, appearance and the ability to provide gracious service and reinforce any pool or beach rules to ensure a safe and welcoming environment.
“Park One provides its proprietary parking application that allows for tracking, monitoring, controlling and managing Valet Keys, Vehicles, Tickets and Employees attendance.“VTS© has the ability to efficiently meet demand of all valet and/or parking management operations including hotels, malls, hospitals, condominiums and more.
“We pride ourselves in providing a secure process from the moment our patron arrives at the property until their departure. Keys and vehicles are logged in with a bar code number which is added to the system using a mobile scan. The vehicle’s movement is tracked throughout the stay. Customers can reuest their vehicles by texting or using a mobile app.
“Park One is the only parking company that provides for a dedicated technical department 24/7, and is actively working on improving available technology to meet our clients’ demand. For more information on VTS log on to
For more information about Park 1 and its services, log on to
Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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