PDX Boasts Largest Number of EV-Charging Stations at a U.S. Airport


PDX Boasts Largest Number of EV-Charging Stations at a U.S. Airport

 In the largest installation of commercial electric-vehicle chargers at an airport in the U.S., as of mid-summer, Portland International Airport (PDX) has 42 Level 1 PowerPost EV-charging stations in place. 
The commercial electric vehicle charging stations (EVSEs) are designed and manufactured by Telefonix Inc., a technology design and manufacturing company that creates product solutions for highly regulated industries.
“This installation makes a huge statement,” said Bill Williams, Business Development Manager for the company’s EVSE Division. “The electric vehicle movement is gaining steam and will continue to do so. Facilities like PDX are acknowledging this growing community and sending a signal that they support those who are embracing electric vehicles by installing charging stations for both airport employees and travelers.”
PDX officials chose PowerPost Level 1 EV charging stations for their integrated, retractable cord reel, which keeps cables off the ground, reducing maintenance and tripping hazards, Williams said. 
The Level 1 units also have low-current requirements and allow for an efficient use of energy, he added. Its “charging is well-suited for ‘long-dwell’ parking that is typical at airports and workplaces.” 
Those requirements also allowed PDX to install more charging stations, compared with more powerful chargers that often require costly upgrades to the electrical supply, Williams said.  
The Level 1 charging is designed to enable EV drivers to recover about 5 miles of range for every hour they are plugged in.  The range lost in a typical commute of 20 miles is recovered in about four hours at a cost to the facility of less than 75 cents, the company said.
[Source: Telefonix Inc., EVSE Division]
Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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