Pennsylvania “Street Poet’ Writes about Parking


Pennsylvania “Street Poet’ Writes about Parking

Pennsylvania ‘Street Poet’
Writes about Parking
Abigail Mott, Dec. 7, 2012, Lancaster, PA
Larry Cohen, Executive Director of the Lancaster (PA) Parking Authority, asked the city’s “street poet,” Abigail Mott, to write a few lines about parking. Cohen didn’t say what she was paid. He did say PT should publish it under “strange and unusual.” We thought it was routine for something as ‘strange and unusual’ as parking. JVH

Wandering around screeching
noses dripping on every corner,
hollering, weaving
between the orange vests
the xxx strollers falling over –
the spot an inch out of reach,
if only everyone would stop
and let me in –
no, not today.
The rain thickens
across the way
the meter ticking
my cents away.
[Source: Larry Cohen]

Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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