Poor Security Undeserved, Well, Sort of…


Poor Security Undeserved, Well, Sort of…

Editor, Parking Today:
Parking Vs. Pop Culture makes valid and accurate points. However, the reasons parking garages get such a rap, undeserved, is the abyssmal design and maintenance of so many. Particularly, older garages were built without regard for actual and perceived security, and entirely too many are still built that way. In Mary Smith’s paper, referenced in the article, she makes very valid points about the need for proper design and construction of garages; unfortunately most of these recommendations are not incorporated into a majority of garages. As a security professional often engaged in reviewing and assisting the design of garages, I find entirely too many poorly designed by firms and people without a minimal understanding of how to make garages safe and appealing.
The fact that crime is actually down these last ten years is essentially immaterial, as the consumer’s fear of crime has gone up exactly opposite the decline in crime. Perception for parking garages must equal reality when it comes to proper design. This in turn will lead to the desired turnaround of garages as villains.
Jonathan Lusher, ICCPA
Board Member, Int’l Assoc. of Professional Security
Consultants; Past Chair, Int’l CPTED Assoc.

Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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