Professional Certification Provides Competitive Advantage


Professional Certification Provides Competitive Advantage

In today’s business environment, employees are looking for a competitive advantage to improve their productivity, broaden their knowledge base, and position themselves as an attractive hire to prospective employers.
Employers too are facing myriad choices when determining how to invest in workforce development. Studies show that highly engaged employees work harder, perform better and are less likely to leave than their counterparts with low engagement.
In the parking industry, obtaining comprehensive, industry-specific knowledge through the National Parking Association’s Certified Parking Professional (CPP) program can provide the education you need to improve efficiency and productivity, and to gain the edge you need for career success.
The CPP program covers 13 major topics relating to the parking industry, including operations, customer service, administration, marketing, maintenance, loss prevention, safety, human resources, equipment, regulations, auditing, accounting and valet.
To support learning, CPP candidates can access an NPA Peer Network and participate in training opportunities, such as the upcoming Online CPP Summit (see Sidebar). Once enrolled in the CPP program, candidates are provided a Study Guide and the Study Roadmap, which provide assistance in determining time requirements and scheduling study resources.
For employees, achieving CPP certification will give you a new, broader perspective on the industry, provide value to your organization and advance your career. You’ll learn best practices in all segments of the parking industry and build a foundation for better decision-making.
For employers, an educated and engaged workforce is a difference-maker for any successful organization. Having a better educated workforce raises the bar of professionalism throughout the industry, leading to better service to customers and increased financial success.
Christine Banning, President of the National Parking Association, can be reached at
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