PT Web Is the Center of Parking on the Internet


PT Web Is the Center of Parking on the Internet

Parking Today’s web site has been upgraded to PT Web and now has virtually all features Internet users have come to expect from 21st century companies. Log on to and see what we mean.
“Our goal with PT Web is to give as much real-time parking information as possible to our readers,” said PT editor John Van Horn. “Business people are by definition busy. They need information quickly and in a form they can use. They need answers now, not after fighting their way through phone mail or waiting for bounce-back cards to find their way through a lead retrieval system.
“PT Web receives more than 15,000 different visits each month, and we expect that with the expanded features, that number will increase dramatically. The web site is to be simple and intuitive. Click and go to where you want. It’s that easy.”
New features of PT Web include PT Plus, a new subscription service that allows members to search back articles by keyword, to print out articles, and to see the magazine in PDF form. This last feature is particularly interesting, as PT Plus members can actually see the PDF representation of the magazine approximately three weeks before it’s delivered in the mail. Get the jump on news in the parking industry, with PT Plus.
In addition, PT Plus members get discounts on reservation fees at PT conferences (such as PIE/Intertraffic in September in Baltimore) and receive special bonuses when they do business with select Parking Today advertisers.
Another new feature is the PT Web News Wire. Parking news is piped directly into PT Web. Check it daily for news about your industry, in North America and outside. In 10 minutes, you can be current about what’s going on in parking, around the world.
Web logs (blogs) and blogging have become big news in the mainstream media. Not to be outdone, PT editor John Van Horn has begun a daily diary of parking news and comments on PT Web. Read the author of PT’s most-read feature, “Point of View,” every day. And you can comment on his views and put yours forth, too. Agree or disagree, the Parking Blog is another place to discuss, comment and sometimes just plain laugh.
Need a product or service? PT’s electronic Products in Parking directory is the place to go. Log on to ePIP and enter a product or service. A list of providers appears. Click on a name and you are transported to their web site. It’s a great place to find just what you need, quickly and efficiently.
How about a job? All classified ads running in Parking Today are also on our web site. And they go on the site the day we receive them. This section of the web site really works. Many advertisers tell us that they fill the jobs through PT even before the magazine comes out.
Then there’s our discussion center. This bulletin board allows anyone to ask anything and someone else to answer the question. We get quite a lot of inquiries. Take a look, you might learn something, or have something to teach.
Plus, if you want to know what’s going on in the parking business, check out the PT Web Calendar. Unlike some other calendars, it includes everything parking. There are more than 30 entries for the next few months and more to come. Planning an event? Check the PT Web calendar for conflicts.
In addition, you get all the normal stuff: contact information, advertising data, subscription information, and everything there is to know about our upcoming conference and exhibition. If you want to know about it, and it deals with parking, log on to today.

Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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