Rebranded Agency Upgrading City’s Parking Facilities:


Rebranded Agency Upgrading City’s Parking Facilities:

The New Haven (CT) Parking Authority (NHPA), which maintains and manages more than 8,000 public parking spots across 6 garages and 19 surface facilities in New Haven, is undergoing a nearly $6.5 million re-investment in physical improvements to multiple facilities. Those improvements, including the refurbishing and revitalizing of the Temple Street and Crown Street garages, will continue in the coming months. “With our city going through some major positive changes, and more on the horizon … we felt this was the right time for the NHPA to implement change as well, and become Park New Haven,” Executive Director William Kilpatrick said. “We’ve worked hard over the last few months on evaluating our procedures and our customer service protocol, and … we’ve been able to make some noticeable improvement beyond just signage that you’ll start to see at our facilities throughout the city in the coming weeks and months.”
    (Source: New Haven Parking Authority)
Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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