Reception to Release of Three New Products “Delights’ ADVAM


Reception to Release of Three New Products “Delights’ ADVAM

 ADVAM, a leading global provider of parking, reservation and ecommerce payment solutions, said it is “delighted by the enthusiastic response” to last year’s launch of three new products: Park Charge, a versatile platform-based solution for ticketless parking, StaffPark and Ground Transport. 
The latter products work together with the ParkCharge and Reservation systems, or stand alone, and tackle the well-known issues of staff parking within busy shopping centers, college campuses, and airports, where ground transport management can also be a huge issue, the Australia-based company said. 
The three products have already been sold to major airports worldwide, where in one instance the highly flexible ParkCharge product will be used to establish a frequent flyer parking priority program, while StaffPark and Ground Transport have effortlessly solved several airports’ staff parking and ground transport issues. 
Since their launch, Park Charge and StaffPark also have been implemented globally by local governments, universities and hospitals, and “are being championed as the simplest solutions to solve numerous parking issues,” the company said. 
ParkCharge is “the most comprehensive fully automated ticketless parking solution on offer to the parking industry,” the company said, adding that it was developed to seamlessly integrate with leading PARC systems. 
The product also provides customer data to the operator, enabling the carpark owner to learn more about their customers, subsequently enhancing their experience and hopefully enticing them to park more frequently.
It also offers the convenience of a self-managed account – taking the hassle of administration away from the operator, the company said. Once registered, the user can enter, park and exit the carpark without the need to make manual payment. 
Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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