Service Helps Enforcement Contact Lien Holders


Service Helps Enforcement Contact Lien Holders is a free service that allows parking administrators and enforcement to easily contact lien holders and insurers. Vehicle lien holders can be quickly notified by comparing basic vehicle information against the company’s comprehensive database. 
Users also have the option to automatically compare VIN and tag information on a scheduled basis for increased efficiency, the company said. 
Free electronic notification has been proven to reduce costs and boost vehicle retrieval rates. It can be used along with, or instead of, mail notification, as most state and local laws still require certified mail notification to vehicle owners. 
Either way, users still have a large number of vehicles that are abandoned or where the lien holder and registered owner is unknown. And the lien holder / registered owner retrieving the vehicle or paying owed fees is important to parking administrators. It’s also helpful for users to be able to show proof of the lender / registered owner / insurer receiving a notification. 
The team behind Eimpound believes that free electronic notification will eventually replace the expensive and ineffective method of looking up lien holders and insurers through DMVs and sending notification through the mail. 
Eimpound allows those needing to notify to electronically notify lien holders and insurers for free, and to receive an email confirmation that the lien holder has been notified once that occurs. 
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Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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