Speed up for Speed Bumps


Speed up for Speed Bumps

This will comment on the Melissa Sterzick article (Amateur Parker, February 2011) “Why I Love/Hate Speed Bumps.” While I agree with her “hate” sentiments, I find it difficult to understand why they should “slow her father down” in parking lots. In driving numerous rental cars, as well as my own, I (and others) have found that speeding up reduces the discomfort. In fact, I ran a series of tests on a speed bump in Naperville, IL, some years ago, from 15mph to 45 mph. The least discomfort was felt at 45!
Her dad is certainly wrong in using parking lots as streets, but he must need new shocks on his car if slowing down over bumps is more comfortable than speeding up.
Very Truly Yours
Paul C. Box
Paul Box and Associates
Traffic Engineering Consultants

Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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