Super Bowl XLVII Parking Hits $1,875


Super Bowl XLVII Parking Hits $1,875

(for a multi-day RV pass near Superdome)

By Dean Bravos

At, we help drivers find and reserve parking online for events and daily trips. One of our largest annual parking events is the Super Bowl, where we have delivered up to 30% of parking demand over the last three years.
As many of you know, game tickets aren’t the only Super Bowl prices that go through the roof! Our system allows operators to sell parking at rates much higher than game day drive-up, filling these spots days (and sometimes weeks) in advance.
This year, for Super Bowl XLVII at the Superdome in New Orleans, we worked closely with Gregory Reaves, District Manager for Platinum Parking. He sold out entire locations well in advance of game day.
“I was able to greatly increase my per-spot prices,” Reaves said, “and not worry about having open spaces on Sunday morning (Feb 3). The ParkWhiz site allowed me to control inventory and pricing in real-time.”
From a data standpoint, our company’s role in fulfilling Super Bowl parking year after year also provides unique perspective into parking trends. This year, the average spot sold for $124 through our site. This is higher than previous years, when the average price was $118.
Prices generally range from $75 to $1,875 depending on the location and amenities. Tailgating spots, for example, are usually a bit higher ($108 to $375) and attract a lot of attention from the locals who want to be part of the action. Our most expensive spot sold for Super Bowl XLVII was $1,875 for a multi-day RV pass.
Booking reservations in advance has been advantageous for our sellers, and definitely provides peace of mind for the ticket holders. However, not all Super Bowl fans are proactive planners. Our site was very busy all the way up to kickoff.
The average price generally decreases as we get closer to game day, but this year, prices plateaued early. The average price on game day was $110. Last year, it was $88.
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