Technology and Innovation for Parking Safety & Security


Technology and Innovation for Parking Safety & Security

Using tech to make parking safe can be a way to help ensure a safer industry and a way to bring safety and security to our customers. Companies like Twyns and TKH offer a suite of digital tools to make the location of parking, micro-mobility, and emergency response safer for riders and drivers alike.


Reduced traffic congestion though real-time parking information, improved pedestrian safety, enhanced parking security through smart camera systems and hand-held devices that keep an eye on parking areas, deter crime and provide data for improved enforcement. Minimizing infrastructure damage and conducting  regular maintenance and upkeep of parking assets prevent malfunctions and potential hazards. 


Micro mobility monitoring improves vehicle and rider safety, identifies improperly stored or used vehicles, and reduces collisions through dedicated parking zones and lanes that separate micromobility optimizing traffic flow. 


Emergency response can be optimized through real-time data on vehicle locations, helping emergency responders reach those in need faster. Efficient parking and reduced congestion lead to lower emissions and a cleaner environment.


Automated Parking Guidance System (APGS) has been developed by TKH Security. “Our automated parking guidance system is a smart parking solution designed to enhance efficiency, security and convenience,” said Pete Messman, TKH General Manager of North America.


To improve efficiency, the system accelerates parking with smart sensors, helping travelers find open spots faster. Through AI-powered security integration, the APGS integrates seamlessly into existing CCTV systems, enhancing security and surveillance, providing visibility in and between parking spaces, and optimizing revenue which is maximized through smart space utilization and dynamic pricing.


Safety and enforcement is another part of the equation. Companies such as Twyns work together with municipalities to ensure that safety measures are combined with IT capabilities that pinpoint hotspots and possible violations. The platform offers reduced obstruction, targeting illegally parked cars blocking emergency access or visibility at intersections and sensors, and real-time data pinpoint violations, ensuring streets are clear.


Data-driven safety measures through parking violation data can reveal accident hotspots and safety concerns. Armed with this knowledge, authorities can take targeted action to prevent future incidents.


Parking lots and garages are the third most crime-prone areas in the country, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. Technology and innovation present the opportunity to better monitor, anticipate, and prevent accidents, leading to safer parking.

Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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