UK Parking Survey: 94% of All Parking Is Free


UK Parking Survey: 94% of All Parking Is Free

A new report on parking in UK town centers and “high streets” shows no conclusive evidence that parking tariffs are influencing a decline in locations across Great Britain. The report, titled “Re-think! Parking on the high street,” was produced by the Association of Town & City Management, the British Parking Association (BPA), Springboard Research Ltd., and Parking Data & Research International.
The report finds no clear relationship between charges and the amenities “on offer” in a location, and suggests that further research is needed. Research in 2012 showed that 94% of all parking actions – including those at home – are free. Of the remaining 6%, more than 82% cost less than £3 (about $4.75), and 50% cost less that £1 (about $1.60).
Increasingly, the report notes, local authorities have to maintain a balance between the often conflicting needs of multiple stakeholders, whilst developing accessibility and transport strategies.
Concerns have been voiced that parking charges are being raised to levels that stifle local trade, or that funds are being diverted away from carparks, not allowing for the necessary reinvestment to take place.
In the UK, it’s unlawful for local authorities to generate income as an objective of parking management. Any surplus generated is “ring-fenced” by law and the law sets out how that surplus must be used.
Kelvin Reynolds, BPA Director of Policy and Public Affairs said: “This report shows the need for parking to be managed intelligently to work as intended, sometimes requiring effective management. All of this costs money, and therefore, we believe that so called ‘free parking’ is not viable.
“Good-quality, well-designed and properly maintained carparks can contribute significantly to the prosperity of Britain’s towns and cities,” Reynolds said, “and the BPA works diligently towards this by sharing best practices, and encouraging fair, reasonable and legitimate parking enforcement, and the promotion of safer parking through Park Mark.”
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[Source: British Parking Association]
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