Uses for Parking Revenue


Uses for Parking Revenue

I really appreciate your Point of View [“A Business, A Political Football, A Bridge …,” PT March 2013], but you and UCLA Urban Planning Professor [Donald] Shoup, whom I contacted before he became stylish, never list one of the most ideal uses for parking revenue, as [done] here in San Francisco.
Parking revenue used to help fund public transit is a direct benefit to drivers because it reduces congestion while a driver approaches his destination; and gets her much closer to the destination, because those on the bus are not trying to park and may to a small extent moderate the cost of parking due to reduced demand (though that is not an ideal for the off-street parking industry).
Parking revenue used for transit is also a major benefit to the entire community, because less highway capacity will have to be constructed and paid for, and greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced.
Keep up the good work.

Howard Strassner Former President of the Coalition for
San Francisco Neighborhoods and Transportation Chair for
the Sierra Club.


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Howard Strassner
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