WonderVoice Selects ParkMe to Power its Parking Information


WonderVoice Selects ParkMe to Power its Parking Information

WonderVoice, a mobile solution designed to enable voice-activated access to app information while on the go, has unveiled a touchless virtual parking assistant within its app that is powered by ParkMe, the leading provider of real-time parking information.
“We continue to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to help people interact with their apps while on the go and to serve as a voice-controlled hub for social networking, music, navigation and now parking,” said Gal Melamed, WonderVoice Founder and CEO.
“We’re turning the frustration of finding parking into a convenient and seamless experience by working with ParkMe to offer crucial live data. Without lifting a finger, the always-on voice control within the app interacts with users to get the perfect parking spot.”
ParkMe supplies parking data for the app. It leverages information gathered from public and private garages, lots and on-street parking to help WonderVoice users make the best parking choice based on location, price and other preferences.
“We’re proud to be included among such a distinguished group of trailblazers in social media and music such as Facebook and Spotify,” said Sam Friedman, ParkMe CEO and Co-Founder.
Alex Israel, its COO and Co-Founder, said: “ParkMe’s strategy is to deliver smart data and advanced analytics to solve parking issues worldwide. Our addition to WonderVoice’s portfolio of context- and location-aware voice intelligence offerings complements that strategy perfectly.”
[Sources: WonderVoice, ParkMe]
Article contributed by the Parking PT team.
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